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By Mr.Nitro
Hey guys, Saturday is 1.5 days away now and this thread is for you to share what your experience on The Intimidator was like. People NOT wanting to read the pro's and the con's about the ride experience, should not open this after Saturday. For anyone that rides, happens to get a POV video, or just wants to share what they did or did not like about the ride please discuss here. I can't go until the second weekend so I personally am looking forward to hearing how this thing is!
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By coasterdave
Please note that it is AGAINST the park rules to bring a camera on the park's coasters. For one it is dangerous and secondly it is not a great idea to suggest it to some of the members to do it. I am sure the park will provide the POV so let us let them do that.
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By Blue Moon
Thanks coasterdave. I'm hoping after media day tomorrow there will be a video so nobody has a reason to record one of their own. Just please realize that you are also putting other people at risk by carrying one on the ride too. The crew will be very busy this season, nobody wants to deal with cameras. If you bring a camera on this ride and drop it, it will break. Especially since there is pavement below some portions of the ride..

Already been on the ride, but I think I should let the experience remain a surprise for you all come opening day. :D <-- This smiley face is meant to be a clue that my experience was a positive one.

If any of you haven't marked Carowinds as a fan on Facebook, then you probably haven't seen this yet. But here's a little teaser:


They posted that picture up yesterday.
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By Mr.Nitro
Good point about the POV's/Camera's guys :p I'm so used to every coaster having tons of them I didn't put much thought into what happens for them to be made. Also guys when you ride after this saturday please rate it from 1 to 10 as well! That way we can average out a number rating.
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By Mountain3307
B & M nailed it!!!..

Nice ride, each seat has a different "experience", you'ns are going to enjoy this....

That was a hell of a birthday present! Image

BTW, Nice meeting you guys again... hafta do this more often... 8) I will post pics after bit
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By Jonathan
Fantastic ride. Everybody is going to be really pleased I think. My quick reaction after 8 rides this afternoon is that this is my 3rd favorite steel coaster, and I have been on 237 different steels, so that is high praise. I put it behind Superman (now Bizarro) in New England, and Apollo's Chariot. I think MOST people will like this more than Apollo's Chariot, though. I have a real soft spot for Apollo, and I really like the location of the ride and the pacing.

This is how I would probably rank the B&M hypers I have ridden:

Apollo's Chariot
Goliath (Georgia)
Silver Star
Raging Bull

I haven't been on Behemoth or Diamondback, so I will be very interested to hear how it is compared to those.

The first drop is incredible in the back seat, and the top of the second hill is ridiculous at the front of the train. The best airtime is probably on the two return hills after the turnaround, and I would say the front is a better ride than the back overall, which is different than the other B&M hypers I have ridden. Some people were claiming that they liked rows 3 and 4 better than 1 and 2, but I didn't try either of those.
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