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Anyone seen Electro-Spin operating on cam? I've seen everything testing except it. Makes me wonder if it will open this week. Unfortunately, of the four new rides, only the top scan excites me. I'm not much of a swing person, and I've been riding the Music Express all my life.
I hope the park will add a Frisbee and a Top Spin in the future.
I'm aware of other flats, I just have a love for those swings.

Speaking of other flats, a Ferris Wheel would be amazing in County Fair in the next few years.
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pproteinc wrote:Is it me or does the wave swinger spin kind of on the slow side? The seats seem to not go as far outward as what I'm used to seeing. Then again looks are deceiving with these web cams.

They.are.still.working.on.things. Let them fine tune things and be great.
Anyone else worried that they won't be ready for opening day? Looks like they are still laying pavers and Electro Spin hasn't even tested yet as far as I know. Also, we have to keep in mind that the managers need to be trained on the rides and then they need to train the ride ops.
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