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By anthonydj
Yes that is correct it is having problems again. When I was walking past at 2:24 PM maintenance was just arriving to the ride. I was told people were on board but it is not confirmed.

They have also moved the WebCam so you can see the waterpark, not sure if it is because the ride is down or what.
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By jlc9701
Edwardo wrote:ImageUntitled by C. E. Beavers, on Flickr

Confirmed Fireman Themed ride coming to Carowinds.

Firefighters do love their bugles, and horses too.
Hi folks. I'm curious how the lines/crowds are typically on Memorial Day. GF and I have season passes, but due to our different work schedules and the weather, we have recently had difficulties making it to the park on the slower days so far. Thanks in advance for insight.
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By Chris
I have never been. I would guess they are terrible but then again, I seem to recall reading somewhere that they weren't that bad on Memorial Day Monday. Saturday and Sunday are in deed terrible, though.
I would listen to some more informed people who have actually been before listening to me, though.
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