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By coasterbruh
RollerBee wrote:Cobra is more rare than the S&S spin-y flippy coasters, rather than replace Cobra with a gimmick coaster that SFOG or SFA could get, keep Cobra and convert Vortex to a floorless. Other than Dominator it will be the only floorless in the South. SFA and SFoG are unlikely to convert their stand up coasters.

It's like 5 free fly coasters in the world. It's damn near that many boomerangs in one state lol. And kraken nor krypton coaster isn't considered the south?
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By coasterbruh
South is the south . . . And as far as I'm concerned, the south has two kick *** floorless coasters.
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By pproteinc
I agree Coasterbruh, but since we want to get technical, Carowinds Dollywood and SFOG are considered South East. Kings Dominion, Dorney, Hershey and Kennywood are Mid-Atlantic parks. Florida parks are straight South. Yes Texas and Missouri areas are South West. Cedar Point, Holiday World, SFGAmerica are Mid West parks. I do agree with Jarvis South is the south in my book. Lol. This why when Carowinds does a record breaker regionally it's goes something like the longest tallest fastest I in the South East not the South or Mid Atlantic.
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By BS1983CLT
Anyone else see Carowinds Tweet today?

The future is bright...


Then in the image you see Fury and Carolina Harbor.

2018 teaser?
By Edwardo
Knotts tornado was definitely scrapped. Before toller gets in here to question it there are plenty of pix online.

Not sure about Geaugas but I heard it was scrapped as well.
By RollerBee
^Already seen the pictures months ago. It is very likely that the image has no meaning for 2018.

However I can find ways to connect it to converting Vortex if y'all want.
By RollerBee
Glad you feel the need to start **** when I have posted before that Pacific Spin was scrapped....

Anyways, there are some white dots on the concrete between Lazy River and the Main Bathhouse.
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By coasterbruh
WeeEEE will never ever ever, ride a tornado together . . .
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