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By TheBoss01
Im curious to find out why it keeps happening.
By fonzlinney
Lines on Sundays are relatively very short to walk on,only until late in the day they start to get a little bit longer. I go most of the times on Sunday since that's my day off however thus far for a good part of this summer I've had Thursdays off as well and the lines are quite short then until late in the day.
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By Hiveminded
I still have yet do do Dinos. If they announce that it is closing I might do a trip through there just to see what it was like.
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By cwgator
DA is pretty much a nice place to take a leisurely walk after a meal at Harmony Hall before going back to riding. At least that's what we did last time I was there. It was nice to go through once, but I don't feel the need to go back through again, especially if it's over 80 degrees out.
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By coasterbruh
It's plenty of shade in dinos. What are you guys talking about?!?!
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By coasterbruh
Hahaha that's kings dominion. I haven't been through the one at Carowinds. Once you seen one, you've seen em all.
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By coasterbruh
It kinda is . . . if you mean by being in a wooded area.
By RageX
Does anyone have an idea how crowded this Friday will be? I've been going to the park almost every other Wednesday and haven't had a wait over 20mins and that was a night time ride on Fury
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