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By pproteinc
^ Yes I think the weekend before the park opens.

How’s everybody doing it’s been quiet of course because of the off season. Just checking up on everyone. Hope all is well with you guys.

Have you checked the blog? They’re renaming the Vortex Plaza or Carolina Showplace section to the Carousal Park and some other tidbits.
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By gabed
Really excited about that area now. Curious as to what extent it will undergo “renovations” as mentioned in the blog post.

Crazy that if you hadn’t been to the park since 2013, you wouldn’t even recognize parts of it now. Carowinds has come a long way, there’s still plenty left to go, but wow the progress the park has made.
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By gabed
All are three totally different parks, hard to compare them honestly. As far as strictly coaster lineups go, I’d rank them Dollywood, BGW, and Carowinds in that order.

Fury, Afterburn, and Intimidator are world-class, but there’s really not a whole lot beyond that worth mentioning.
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By pproteinc
That blue meh. It does look brighter than that of Cyclone’s and definitely Cobra’s. Wonder what the support color will be.

The calender is up as well on the site. Opening day is March 23rd.
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By KIJester
^weirdly enough, they have the Halloween dates listed as "Haunt" and not Scarowinds.
Looks like they decided on a name change across all parks according to CF's main corporate page.
By Edwardo
It’s always been considered Halloween Haunt. The event is called Haunt and they temporarily change the name of the park. Knotts event has always been called Haunt but most refer to it as scary farm. Same for Scarowinds.
The only thing I'm disliking about the operating calender is there are more 8pm closings. Especially the month of August. All of August is 8pm closings except Saturday's. They could have did 10pm on Friday's like last year, but oh well. Also Kings Dominions hours are now later on Saturday's with 11pm closings.
Did anybody else notice that they removed, "Sand Dune Lagoon," from the website as well. Things that make you go hmmm. 2019 is going to be a great year already.
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By FamousAmos
I took this picture at the campground this morning.
I've never been at Carowinds in the snow, and I walked up to the park. I didn't take any pictures of it because it was still snowing, so it was hard to see the park.
But nonetheless, it's beautiful.
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