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By gabed
For the last time everyone:

There. Is. Already. Room. Inside. Carolina. Harbor.
By RollerBee
gabed wrote:For the last time everyone:

There. Is. Already. Room. Inside. Carolina. Harbor.

But some of us want a water ride that we don’t have venture into the water park for....
IE a log flume or water coaster.
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By gabed
Ah, I see now. I misread the post as saying that the park should use the land for a water park expansion.
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By FamousAmos
The building in the Black area is for Winterfest stuff. So I don't see that going anywhere anytime soon.
By BelowThePeak
BelowThePeak wrote:I think a decent-sized wooden coaster would be plausible in the current Dinosaurs Alive area, especially if they decided to revamp the South Gate entrance and let the new coaster interact with it just like the Main Entrance. It probably wouldn't be an enormous wooden coaster, but I could see it being somewhere in the 3,000-3,500 ft. range if they utilized that space to its full potential.

The WWF area seems too small for a major new coaster, though. I'd rather they fill that area with a brand new water ride for the dry park instead.

I actually decided to sketch out a random layout in paint. A lot of it would need readjustment (both parts of the turnaround are too close to the neighboring coasters, for instance), and a couple of the elements are too tight, but I think this sketch shows that there's more than enough room in the DA area for a sizable coaster.

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By BS1983CLT
Now that Sand Dune Lagoon is officially off of the Carowinds website, it looks like 2019 should be our year after all! How exciting!

When does the park officially post the new map each year?
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By gabed
I wouldn’t jump to conclusions quite yet. Remember that WWF was removed over a year ago and to this day that plot remains vacant. I’ll admit that it is a bit fishy that Sand Dune Lagoon happens to be right next to the WWF plot AND that this new chunk of land is right beside the only remaining section of the park that desperately needs attention.
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