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Wht year did WL leave? KD got rid of KK after the 86 season & I really wouldn't mind seeing it come back but sadly it's down in Brazil.

As for who had the first waterpark,SFA was one candidate when the place opened back in 82...just a few years before they got their first coaster while Carowinds waterpark didn't come along until at least the late 80's early 90's.
I think is was like 8 or 9 when the water park first opened, but I remember only 2 slides and you sat on like a carpet or something. Am I just wrong or were the rides removed and new ones in place? Didn' make it to carowinds in the mid 90s. Can someone give me a refresher on what rides the water park opened with? Thanks

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By RollerBee
Riptide Reef opened with a pair(?) of freefalls slides. These slides used the same tower as the pink slide. Also the blue and oranges slides were part of Riptide Reef but did indeed use mats instead of tubes and also had a lifthill. Sorry, I don't remember the slides Boomerang Bay names off hand. I remember those slides plus the wavepool and a kiddie area with two slides but am unsure is this is current kiddie areas.
By super7
The water park and Pirate Island/White Lightnin' coexisted for several years. The wave pool was right behind white Lightnin'. There originally was a berm behind the water that White Lightnin' was built on and it was removed and that wooden fence put in as the divider. There was a bridge over White Lightnin' that went into the water park.
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By Chris
Picklesthedrummer wrote:I don't believe anyone has been killed at Carowinds.

Well, there was the boy who got shot. He was accidentally shot by a guy hunting near Carowinds and the stray bullet struck the boy and killed him.
jpbroome1 wrote:When I was in grade school back in the mid 80s i remember hearing that someone had died on White Ligntning and that is why they closed it. Any truth to this?

No! That never happened.
The reason the ride closed was simply 'cost'.
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By Chris
will1313 wrote:actualy ive read a couple of atricales about that and supposly it was a girl that was shot because of an illegal shooting range....

I've never actually read an article on the situation. I'm just going on word of mouth. Is there anything online about it?
White Lightning was removed because of reliabilty/cost of maintinance issues. Although the ride was very popular, it experienced frequent shut downs - some short, some lasting hours or days. Intamin/Schwarzkopf redesigned the launch system on later builds from the dropped weight system, to a flywheel system. Unfortunantly for Carowinds, White Lightning was one of three early build coasters. Although White Lightning continues to operate down in South Africa, one needs to understand tht when new, the reliabilty issues cost alot of money to identify, re-engineer and correct.

Although Carolina Cobra is similar, it really is a vastly different experience to White Lightning. The Schwarzkopf loops were massive structures for the time. White Lighting's vertical loop was 77' if I recall correctly (bare in mind the tallest coaster at the time was 130'). Contrast that loop to Carolina Cyclone's vertical loops which are about 45'. Plus the main draw was the launch. Stepping into the car, you sat and stared down that straight track into the towering loop. It was un-nerving to say the least. It was unique for the time - and a cost effective way for parks to get a loop coaster. However the reliablity issues off-set the initial cost savings, and with the large looping coaster becoming increasingly in demand, the shuttle loops were quickly out of style.

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