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By Top Gun

I recall the south entrance being closed on weekdays. Is this still in affect with Cedar Fair?
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By bgwfreak
North Gate is the only gate opened, except Saturdays.

But they do display it on the marquee which gates are open (right before you pay to park).
By falula
You will find that you can count on both hands the number of days the south gate has been or will be open this season.
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By coasterdave
What in the sam hill would you need a nitrogen fixing leguminous plant for the South Gate? You going to plant it around the area or put it in those big flower pots to add decor to the South Gate? Now maybe it is me but the though of you planting Tare in green manure or livestock fodder does not sounds something I want to even see or smell in the first place. You do know that you have passed the sowing season for Tare by almost a month. You should have had it in the cow manure by mid-june for it to grow so I guess you will just have to wait till next may for it to really grow so we can enjoy it as we are heading to ride Headspin.

I guess each his own and yes I know you meant Tear but I could not resist.
By RollerBee
I say expand the County Fair, and make that a second entry to the County Fair without remodeling the gate too much. Just take the cash out of the machine, and remove the metal detectors. Put a big sign on it that says "County Fair" and add a walkway to connect between Yo Yo and AFX. Also, build a walkway from Road Rally to South Gate. They could put a Frisbee, Top Spin, Ferris Wheel, Scream Weaver, and various other carnival rides. Then the following season, put something where Scream Weaver was. They could always turn Thrill Zone into an upcharage area, plus Hurler.
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By Chris
RollerNut wrote:They could always turn Thrill Zone into an upcharage area, plus Hurler.
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By cwgator
Does anyone remember what year the south gate/Carolina RFD Entrance was put in? I know it was there well before Afterburn and is on the 1989 park map. I'm assuming it was around the time they removed the trams.

Edit: I found where they did a new park entrance in 1978, tho it doesn't specify where so that may be when.

Edit 2: It was indeed 1978...I found the 1979 park map and it's there. I do remember riding the trams as late as '83 though.
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By tarheel1231
Got bored, decided to dig up an old thread.

I would expect the park to continue to maximize existing space, remove/move rides when adding new attractions. But eventually they'll "run out" and have to search elsewhere. This area of the parking lot caught my eye (let me preface that there are no survey markings or rumors about this whatsoever):
With the addition of the new parking spaces in 2015, this area of the lot seems to be vacant even on the busiest of days, and the South Gate doesn't seem to get as much foot traffic as it used to. I'm thinking that 10-20 years down the road, the park tears down the current South Gate and builds a new one facing Carolina Harbor for people parked in the Harbor parking lot. Then the park could expand out into the vacant part of the parking lot like they did with Carolina Harbor, and link it to the path leading under Afterburn.

By Carowindsman
They need to do more to that side of the park for South Gate to be used. Its part of Top Gun/Afterburn no matter what. If they close it down then you are going to have a big dead end of nothing. I say do this instead, keep south gate and expand that area
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By tarheel1231
I don't think they'll ever not have a gate down there considering Carolina Harbor has its own parking lot, and it would be inconvenient to have guests walk back to it from the North Gate. But there's a sizeable chunk of land right outside of it that doesn't see much use, and I think that once the park feels that they have "maxed out" on land (though I doubt this will happen for at least 15 years), they could expand into it.
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By FamousAmos
I say... remodel the existing south gate. Well, knock it down, and re-do it. Re-style it like North Gate. Expand underneath Intimidator and use the extra grass area between the parking lot and toll road to add more parking spaces. That way, even though you're getting rid of old parking lot space for your park, you are replacing those spaces on the other side.

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