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By kimv1972
I'm Larrick, just a new user name :) #3 came second hand from Pioneer City in Florida which used it only a year and a half before they went bankrupt. Some say it was painted gold and put on display at Carowinds for a while. The story I heard was it was damaged in transit so Carowinds never used it. I looked it over at Doe River last month and they told me there was no damage. In fact it passed boiler inspection with flying colors. But it had small cylinders and large drivers, so they probably felt it was under powered. I am really curious about whether the coaches that came from Space City with Melodia had air brakes. That could help me solve if the ones at Dry Gulch are them. Dry Gulch made them closed coaches, so you can't tell from the bodies anymore. When they went to Vermont, they (and engine #2) were repainted like a hideous kids' circus train, hence I was able to identify the one cut down into a flatcar at Shop Services in Iowa. They were two seats shorter than the Six Flags coaches they gave Michael Jackson, and if they didn't have brakes, that would have influenced the decision. Both of Hubert Mitchell's parks (Space City and Cherokee Wonderland) did not have air pumps on the engine. I'm also curious why Carowinds pictures always show the Space City coaches. Was the other set too heavy? The one at LaPorte is very high and they want to cut it down. Perhaps they were built for standard gage and had narrow gage trucks added. The two that were stored in the East Broad Top shop appear to be rusting away outdoors now.

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