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By RiDeWaRrIoR
I just saw the new Carowinds commercial! Has anyone else saw it? They only showed one small clip of Intimidator... Still they show a lot of rides not @ our park lol. What are your thoughts?
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By PhantomCat
I saw the tail end of that commercial with a small gimps of The Intimidator.
In 2008 many models were waiting at the employee entrance gate two mornings back to back. They were males and females of different ages, waiting to go inside the park to pose as guest for brochures, posters, and what have you. I think Wormy captured some of them on a park poster in one of his threads and titled it "Open Wide." It looks from the poster like the models were riding NightHawk.
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By RiDeWaRrIoR
I just saw the new intimidator commercial, only advertising Intimidator no "fun and only." It must be the one they filmed. Turned out pretty good, they got some good shots of the coaster, although they could have made it a little longer and a little more POV shots, but overall not bad at all.
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By swampfox43
Just saw my first Carowinds commercial of 2017. Great Fury shots. Everything else was footage from Cedar Point, Maverick, etc. And I believe Renegade from Valleyfair. Makes me wonder if they are they showing FURY 325 clips on commercials for other CF parks. Trivial I know....
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By pproteinc
Yea I think it's generic and they just slap the park's name that they are advertising for with that park's big attraction and then rides from everywhere else. Like if it was for Valleyfair. They'd swap out the main footage of Fury for Swamp Thing but still have minor quick shots of Fury elsewhere in the ad. If that makes sense.

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