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By sccoasterbear
Jonathan wrote:
Intimidator Queue- Bring back the original music.

Are you some kind of masochist?

I don't really care what the music is specifically, but I am 100% for going to all instrumental atmospheric music. Never liked the idea of pop music blasting in parks unless it fits some specific theme.

I agree totally, pop music is annoying all day long. Years ago they had great music in the park that was really background and not so loud.
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By arby
I would like to hear some circus instrumental music in County Fair. It was always that music you never heard anywhere else that takes you back to the fun at the circus (slightly similar to the county fairs around the Carolinas).

For the boardwalk, not sure if there is good instrumental music for that area, but from living on the coast of NC for over 13 years, it has to be beach music. I'm not a big fan of that music but every time I hear it I am transported back to the coast.

If we had an area for our mountains, bluegrass is a no brainer. I know I'm in the minority, but I am particularly fond of great banjo/mandolin/fiddle (not violin - pick the darn strings) music.

It's tough to find instrumental music to fit each area of the park. With that being said, there is some really good instrumental music out there.
By uscbandfan
As far as music goes, WHATEVER THEY DO, make sure the loop track is LOOOOOONG. "Danger Zone" is only 3 minutes and 36 seconds long. Can you just imagine how many times you would hear that waiting in line? (Of course Afterburn isn't as popular as it once was and the line isn't near as long as it used to be.) I would be Danger Zoned out by the time I got on the ride. (It would, however, be cool in seat speakers during the ride. They could do an edited version that fit with the elements. I would like that.)

(Oh, and would probably have to pay Mr. Loggins for the rights to do that.)

I was at SFoG several years ago waiting on a ride and I was about to go batty in line for Batman hearing that same "into the Darkness" track (or whatever it was) played OVER AND OVER. Maybe do it in the station itself where you only here it once or twice. Of course the problem there is the noise of the train unloading and loading.

As for the queue, make the music track at least 30 minutes.
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By tarheel1231
So, Beech Bend built one of those Proslide Saucers this year. I figure if we can't get it in water coaster form, this would be the next best thing:

By Cameron
Wooden Coaster is needed badly.

Something big, world class like.

It's been almost 25 years since carowinds received a wooden coaster.

Just let that sink in a moment.
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By tarheel1231
I would be content with a refurbished Hurler. It really feels like it's holding back on those airtime hills. Give it new trains and new track, and Carowinds would have a super fun woodie!
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By arby
While at the park the last two days, I finally figured out my wishlist:

1) A good wooden coaster
2) A log flume
3) Moving Planet Snoopy so that the Carousel, the Flyers, the Balloon ride, and Peanuts Pirates are part of the regular park. It would be great to see those rides, or at least some of them, operating during SCarowinds - particularly the Carousel.
By RollerBee
I have two thoughts, why not incorporate Planet Snoopy into SCarowinds, it would be extra capacity which is needed during SCarowinds sometimes. Oddly enough, some people bring their children to SCarowinds and they were were selling the no boo things anyway.

Restore the Antique Carousel to what it should look like not crappy paint job! If it has to be moved to another section of the park for this to happen so be it. Move it to the new or old County Fair then, reuse the existing building for something.
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By tarheel1231
I say they should just ditch the Planet Snoopy theme for a more authentic Camp Snoopy theme. I'd also love if they extended Snoopy's Junction around the entire section instead of hiding it away in that corner.
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By carolinaman
I think it would be great if they opened Planet Snoopy during Scarowinds. They could move the scare zone The Playground to that area and put a new scare zone where The Playground is now.
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By coasterbruh
Nah . . . keep it closed. The general population of people that comes to halloween events are there because it is an halloween event.
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By jlc9701
Anyone that has ever ventured into that area during Scarowinds truly understands how creepy it is already because the playground music(with the children laughing) is heard in the area and it is completely dark. To say the least it is eerie.
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By coasterbruh
Thats kinda hard to do with employees there monitoring the entrance to it . . .
By Stayseeliz
I wish they'd do away with at least most of the petting zoo at the Pumpkin Fest. The bigger animals were okay but all of the foreign animals were obviously exhausted and hot. It was uncomfortable to see. Not at all fun.
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By tarheel1231
I hope you guys missed my MS Paintings (and I call them that not because I used MS Paint, but because they looked like they were painted by someone with MS :D).

First up, another concept White Lightnin' II and a surrounding midway.

Nighthawk would be removed and replaced by four attractions. The first would be a Mondial Revolution called "Dizzy Disk" or something similar, and it would be themed to getting dizzy on moonshine. The second would be a Chance Wipeout named after the park's former "Wagon Wheel" Attraction. The third would be a Chance Electric Car Ride themed to the park's former Hay Wagons attraction that could double as an entrance for Dark Harvest during SCarowinds.

The fourth would be a Premier Launched Shuttle named after the original White Lightnin' with the same theme as my previous concept, but with a few changes. It would utilize a double-loading station two allow for two-train operations. One train would be navy blue with silver flame accents. The other train would be silver with navy blue flame accents. The former would launch out of the station forwards and the latter would launch out of the station backwards, serving as a tribute to Thunder Road. It would also make the ride the world's first forwards and backwards launched coaster, which would be a very obscure record, but it would highlight the two experiences in a single ride.

And this would be the layout:

1. & 2. The ride would launch out of the station and into a very tight overbank, similar to Speed - The Ride.
3. Also similar to Speed, it would head into a vertical loop.
4. The ride would head into an S-Turn over the second launch, twisting at the apex of the hill to provide airtime.
5. The ride would go into the second launch, hitting speeds of up to 74-75 MPH (120 KM/H), making it the world's fastest multi-launch coaster.
6. The ride would cruise up into at 236 foot (72 M) vertical spike, then fall back down to earth to repeat the course backwards.

If you've made it this far, you can probably handle a little bit more. Here's my reimagining of Boo Blasters into an Amusement Dark Attraction.

I've mentioned before that I'd like to see it themed to a haunted Charleston mansion. Here's how I would expand upon that idea.


The exterior would be remodeled after the Battery Carriage House in Charleston. But the theme would be something more original, not a copy of whatever ghost hullabaloo people think happens inside of that house.


The owner of the house has traveled across the Carolinas to fill his collection of historical artifacts, not knowing that bringing back said artifacts would also bring back the souls they belonged to. He starts noticing strange things happening around the house, strange apparitions, yada yada yada, and he enlists your help. You travel through the house, see the objects in the house moving around, and come face-to-face with the ghosts of people from Carolina Lore (Such as Blackbeard). In the end, the owner reveals that he knew all along. He tries to trap you in the mansion, but you escape because theme parks can't actually hold people hostage (unless you're on Windseeker). Hopefully the theme wouldn't be so sinister, but closer to something like Mystic Manor at HKDL.

The ride would utilize something similar to the omnimover system found on Disney rides such as The Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, and the Little Mermaid to maximize capacity. As far as interactivity goes, who knows.

Heh, look at me talking like I'm actually planning this out. This whole post is one giant pipedream.
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