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By uscbandfan
^^ backwards launch.... hmmm. Would be very interesting. I'm guessing they'd have to use upper restraints similar to Nighthawk. But how do you keep people from breaking their neck from the whiplash?
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By tarheel1231
The Mr. Freeze coasters have backwards launches, so it could be done.
By intaminboy
Superman at Magic Mountain has a backwards launch of 100 mph. Also the tempesto clones have a backwards launch.
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By tarheel1231
My newest idea for a Hotel, Heart of the Carolinas!
Hotel Logo
1475894325928_kindlephoto-201321970.jpg (27.05 KiB) Viewed 3066 times

Concept Art:

The lobby of the hotel would be centered on the state line, with a line indicating the border running down the lobby. The hotel would be split into two distinct wings- one for North Carolina and the other for South Carolina. The wings would be similar in appearance to the towers at Breakers albeit a bit less flashy. The hotel pools would be shaped like the states they reside in.

Adjacent to the SC Wing, a restaurant similar to Amber Waves and Breakwater Cafe (at Knott's and Cedar Point respectively) would serve as the hotel's restaurant. It would serve Breakfast to encourage guests to stay on site in the morning, rather than heading over to The Cracker Barrel across the street. The restaurant would also be connected Sportsforce, serving as the main restaurant for the sports complex.
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By FamousAmos
I would think that, for legal purposes, money, taxes, etc..., the park wouldn't want to build it on the state line. It's a wonderful idea, but not sure if they would do it or not. More than likely, it would go in North Carolina. Parking seems to be another issue here. It would be nice if N&S would sell their land behind Fury and Hurler.
By uscbandfan
Tax rates would probably be an issue. South Carolina would want their money for the people staying on their side and likewise for North Carolina.

I do believe that the NC tax at that location is greater than the SC tax. So, you'd have different rates for different states so that the bottom line ends up the same A little too much hassle if you ask me.

However, do it anyway, just have the entire hotel in NC along the interstate shaped kind-of like a check mark. Have the 2 pools together in the shape of the Carolinas located ACTUALLY ON THE STATE LINE with a ridge defining the states between a deep pool (the South Carolina side) and a shallow pool (the North Carolina pool). Maybe even have a swim-up bar along the mountain line of NC, again, keeping the tax revenue in one state. No alcohol allowed in the deep end (South Carolina side.)

The north side of the hotel could have a curved glass-covered drive up entrance accented by grass and fountains with the parking along the northern border.

(scale might be a little off but you can get my drift)
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By tarheel1231
Thanks for the feedback, guys!

My next concept is Mystic Mountain.



Mystic Mountain would be loosely themed to Cherokee Mythology, the legends of the Native American tribe found in North Carolina's mountains. The queue and station would be decorated with Cherokee artwork. The mountain itself would be a 12-13 story man-made mountain, shaped like an Appalachian rock formation (pictured above). The boats would be shaped like canoes.


The story is (very) loosely based off the story of Judaculla Rock. The giant, Tsul`kälû´, has long ruled both the land and the sky of the Cherokee. He becomes angry when the hunters disobey his laws concerning the game of the mountain. In response, he makes it storm day and night, seemingly to no end. Several people in the tribe have ventured to the top of Mystic Mountain to conciliate the giant, but none have returned.....


I usually follow up my ideas with a sloppy picture drawn in a mobile device editing app, and this concept is no different:

The ride would be a Mack Rides Water Coaster. It would be placed in the location of Carolina Cyclone, a ride that I would hate to see leave, but is likely past its prime. This would be the sequence of the ride:

1. Station
2. The ride would enter into a cave with a projection-mapping ceiling mimicking the night sky. The sky would tell the story of the ride with dancing, constellation-like images to go along with it. Think of it like a tunnel ride through a planetarium.
3. The ride would pass the transfer track and go up an elevator lift inside of the mountain.
4. Once at the top of the mountain, the ride would go into a room with a turntable and more projection mapping. The giant would be angry with you for disturbing his rest, and he would kick you out of the mountain. [EDIT] Actually, cross out the turntable. That following an elevator lift would be a blow to capacity.
5. The ride would go into a spiraling drop, circling the mountain.
6. The ride would climb up once more, into a brake run, before dropping into the water below. It would cruise back into the station.

The mountain itself would be a great backdrop for a Blue Ridge Junction section, and it would be a great first impression for people staying on the campground. I don't know if Cedar Fair would ever do this much theming for a regional park, but Plants vs. Zombies and Carolina Harbor are a step in the right direction.
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By tarheel1231
You could retheme it to Blue Ridge Junction. All it really needs is a change of signage (though I imagine it's more complicated than just nailing down a few signs).
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By coasterbruh
Some of you are forgetting this is a wish list thread . . . Logical thinking need not be applied, I'most cases.
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By chknwing
Since Carowinds is doing the Winterfest next year I am wondering if there are no major plans for 2018. I am thinking something small, maybe park upgrades. have they reached the end of their expansion plans
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By Jonathan
2017 is actually what I would consider small. Wouldn't surprise me if 2018 has something major.

This is the wish list thread though, not the speculation thread.

After riding Voyage to the Iron Reef I'd love to see a Triotech ride at Carowinds.
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By FamousAmos
Could you see the screens clearly? Or were they pretty well hidden or not noticeable when shooting at them?
What I mean is, was the illusion noticeable or not I guess?
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