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By coasterbruh
And the edges of the screens are made to blend with the environment. So it's not just screen then wall. Good bit of theming on it.
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By coasterbruh
That's all . . .
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By tarheel1231
I'm gonna need three minutes alone with that picture.

Oh, who am I kidding? 30 seconds.
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By KIJester
My wishlist is two-fold.

1) Bring back the SP parking
2) Use the two exit ques (new main entrance gate* on the far right) for season pass holder "ONLY" entrances. You would only need to do this during the morning rush (say 9-11am) since it would be highly unlikely that any guests would be exiting the park for a handstamp anyway.
Not sure if they still use it, but KI had one for years and it made the season pass holder entry much more streamlined.

* Even with the new front gate design, it is still a nightmare to get past security on busy days
btw....this may have been mentioned on another thread, but why are we the only park that has to endure such things? This past summer, I was at KI, CP and Dollywood and all three parks did not make us go thru rigorous security scans such as Carowinds...just curious!!
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By coasterbruh
Guess you have never been to a six flags park or universal in orlando . . .
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By ajcoolguy03
Jay wrote:I was about to close saying "too soon," but a simple name change of the topic.. and it's all good.

Have at it kids.

My Wishlist-

Remove Nighthawk
Remove Carolina Cobra
Remove Action F/X Theater
Remove Yo-Yo for a real Waveswinger. Maybe we can get Whirling Dirvish back after Great America closes. :roll:

Bring back the shade roof to Skytower
Bring back the shade roof to Scrambler
Run Great Sk8 or whatever its called at a decent speed, and add shade

Enclose the Outer Hanks seating area and add A/C.

Might post more later.

:shock: :shock: :shock: Why do you want to remove Nighthawk?!!? It's so cool!!!
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By tarheel1231
Terrible capacity, unbearable lines. There could be a way better ride in that spot that actually moves people through.
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By arby
In the perspective of Carowinds by itself, it is a decent coaster. However, if you get a chance to go to some of the other parks that have flying coasters, you will quickly see that it is one of the least interesting layouts of all the flying coasters.
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By coasterbruh
I dunno, compared to the super man models (because they were the only other model at the time) I would prefer the vekoma layout due to the dynamics of it. Sure, the pretzel loop is visually attractive but it gives the same feeling as a vertical loop. I like the transitions on the vekoma version just wish they would have found a way to make the ride smoother.
By Edwardo
Tatsu is where it's at. Feels Like you're flying, you swoop way up and then fly down to the ground.
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By coasterbruh
I do enjoy tatsu as well as manta. But Tatsu has the advantage being up high on that mountain.
By CCookieMonster
Nighthawk is the only flying coaster I've ridden and I like it. But can they add another train because the loading time is kind of slow especially on fridays and saturdays when they have the most people. Is there also a way to make it a bit smoother? Just want to know.
By jeffdavis
Sometimes Nighthawk has been run with two trains, but I'll tell you that for me, after the rough ride, it's no fun sitting on the brake run in the sun tilted back beyond horizontal while the other train is being loaded and cleared. So one train operation is fine with me.
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By Jay
Since I was the one quoted (from over 5 years ago no less :lol: ) I will give an answer.

Nighthawk isn't fun, it isn't interesting, it isn't pretty, and it always has a long slow moving line even on the slowest of days. I've been on it FOUR TIMES since Intimidator opened seven full operating seasons ago.

Nighthawk is kind of the "centerpiece" of the park, but now that Carowinds is becoming more of a "destination" park, it deserves a far better unique and original attraction than the pile of yellow and blue crap there now.
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