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By Jarsh
LOL! Tell us how you really feel. :lol:
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By FamousAmos
Jay couldn't have said it better. He spoke what has been on several people's hearts for a long time :lol: .... myself included.
By RollerBee
Jay:" it deserves a far better unique and original attraction than the pile of yellow and blue crap there now."

We had one...,

"They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot
With a pink hotel, a boutique
And a swinging hot spot"

The parking lot that is supposed to a que line but it moves slower than the checkout lines at Walmart.

The swinging hot spot being Nighthawk and Windseeker.

Instead of putting the trees in a tree museum, they cut them down and turned them into paper cups.....
Charging visitors $3(or more) to use them.

RollerBee is singing along with Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows which interestingly features the now defunct Astroland of Coney Island.
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By Wormy
The Counting Crows are no Joni Mitchell, but I suppose you're referencing their video. Thanks for trying to wax poetic.
By Edwardo
I think Joni would be horrified to know her song about the environmental impact of developing land was being used as A nostalgic arguement in regards to an amusement park that 'paved paradise' in its inception...

The song wasn't about being nostalgic, it was about the absurdity of paving over Hawaii.
By ncsurob
I am going to suggest something really simple. Open the waterpark earlier than 11am on weekends during the summer. Even just the splash pads or something. Shortly after 11 it is time to dry kids off, feed them, and have them rest a little bit/nap in the stroller. They let the season pass holders in to claim chairs, but they could use the staff that stand in front of the splash pad keeping people off of it to actually open it.
By RollerBee
^Along that line, I would like to see the waterpark stay open late for night time swimming atleast during the hottest part of the summer.
By jeffdavis
Opening the waterpark an hour earlier, maybe a soft opening without the biggest of slides open, sounds like a great idea without needing much more human resources.

Keeping the waterpark open into darkness sounds like fun but I would bet there are safety concerns because of lower visibility. Liability is a huge component of waterpark operations and management.
By RollerBee
^Emerald Pointe does it for the Fourth of July but only keeps open the parts of the park that has lights up. Happy Harbor, Lazee River and Splash Island close before dark. I know the Wavepool and Pirate Ship pool have lights but I don't remember if the slides stay open.

Kings Island does Dive In Movies, Carowinds may have done one but moved them to Harmony Hall.
By uscbandfan
I would bet that, unless there is underwater lighting (another safety concern), anything with any depth would have to close at dusk. (Lazy river, Wave pools, etc)

If they have sufficient exterior lighting, I don't really see a reason why they couldn't operate most of the slides after dark. That said, then you'd have to install some way of cording off the pool areas so accidental fall-ins or the like couldn't happen.

Probably a risk vs. reward thing so personally, I think they'll continue to close at dusk.
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By coasterbruh
ncsurob wrote:I am going to suggest something really simple. Open the waterpark earlier than 11am on weekends during the summer.

Dorney does this. The park actually opens up a pool and some of the slides an hour before the park opens to the public. HOWEVER . . . their water park is arguably the main draw to the park.
By uscbandfan
Judging by the attendance I saw last year, I would say the same for Carowinds.

Every ride almost a walkon during the week while every slide a HUGE wait.
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