General Carowinds discussion
By RollerBee
uscbandfan wrote:Judging by the attendance I saw last year, I would say the same for Carowinds.

Every ride almost a walkon during the week while every slide a HUGE wait.

Slides also have terrible capacity, you figure if a slide dispatches every 10 seconds that is only 360 riders per hour. Hurler can do twice that in the same timespan.
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By coasterbruh
During the week is expected but its like that every day at Dorney. They even have two stair ways on their drop box slides. That water park gets slammed.
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By tarheel1231
Maybe not in WWF's spot, but I'd love one as well. I also think a Pulsar clone would fit nicely in the spot that Boomerang is about to open up at Knott's.
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By gabed
Something incredibly simple: Retractabke seat belts on Hurler like the ones Renegade just got.
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By tarheel1231
What I want the theme to be for the new wooden coaster:

Before Whitewater falls was in that spot, this area was the location of the Hillbilly Jalopies ride. So it would be neat if the new attraction somehow paid homage to the ride that used to be there years ago. And if the ride turns out to be a racing coaster (unlikely), this could make the theme even more interesting.
By CCookieMonster
I want a Huss Giant Frisbee ride and an S&S Power Tower to replace Drop Tower. I'm not saying drop tower's bad or anything, it is just that it would be cool to have a power tower.
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By Chris
I agree with Amos. I hope they don't touch our drop tower. I prefer it to Kings Dominion's. Height isn't everything. My favorite drop towers are the ARM/Larson towers and they are usually on the back of a semi trailer. The 2nd gen Intamin towers, like Carowinds, are a close second.
By kirkgun
Please don't touch the Drop Tower! I love that thing. It's the funnest 1.5 seconds in the park.

The only problem with the Drop Tower is the location, if it were in a high traffic area, it'd be one the most popular things in the park. Which makes me kinda glad that it is stuffed back into a maintenance area :lol: , most days there is no line at all.
By jeffdavis
Cedar Point's tower ride is fun, but I agree with others that the Carowinds drop tower should not be replaced.
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By cwgator
Drop Tower (Drop zone back then) was my first drop tower so I say leave it be. The only other true drop tower I've been on is Falcon's Fury which is a complete different experience in itself. I've been on some S&S space & double shot rides before, but those are quite different. Hell I miss Freefall @ SFOG.
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