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By gabed
redrunner97 wrote: I'm also colorblind

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By redrunner97
^ Don't worry. I'm only mildly red/green colorblind, but it still impacts my daily life. For example, depending on how the light hits Fury, I can't tell if the stripe along the track is green or yellow...
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By gabed
In your defense you could easily make an arguement for that stripe being green or yellow.
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By coasterbruh
And look at that, lights!
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By redrunner97
It's been a hot topic since the 2018 announcements, so I thought I'd put my thoughts down regarding what I'd like to see become of Hurler:

If the powers that be do end up deciding to give Carowinds its very own Twisted Timbers, I wonder what kind of theme/name they'd go with? It got me thinking about past ride names that could potentially make an RMC comeback, and then it hit me: WILD BULL! :evil:

Step into the queue line, rushed down a narrow path that takes you to up to the station (now themed to a cattle pen leading to the country rodeo). The trains would be brown with big red eyes, protruding horns and a steel nose ring on the front car. The wooden structure would remain its natural color, and the track would be painted bright red like the rides' mascot, a rebellious bull named "Big Red!"

The ride itself would feature the same barrel roll drop as Twisted Timbers, but everything else afterward would be as different as possible, making the ride experience unique between both coasters. This would continue to distance the two parks and finally eliminate those lame Hurler jokes once and for all.

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By redrunner97
tarheel1231 wrote:No! Save Wild Bull for the Vortex conversion! The opening of the gates almost literally parallels the opening of the bullpen! The idea practically writes itself!

I think it'd be a good fit... but I'd rather see Vortex get converted into "____ Hawk" at Michigan's Adventure. :shifty:

Stick the Hillbilly Jalopies in Vortex's spot and have them cruise next to the lake, plant a ton of new trees/flowers, and just make that whole area look pretty again.

^ They're never gonna do that though, so I think your idea is more likely. If they do transform Vortex into Wild Bull, then a nice orange track / brown supports color scheme would be rad!
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By tarheel1231
Well I've got a new, mediocre wish: move the two cars outside of Jukebox Diner to one of the entrances of the County Fair. With it being 50's themed and all, they'd be really nice props.

Then just continue to phase out the Wayne's World/Happy Days theming. That area might have been a nice 50's themed area but Fury kinda threw a wrench into that (not complaining about receiving Fury AT ALL, I wouldn't trade it for the world, but the theming is a bit lackluster/out of place), and we have a pretty good 50's area now. Just leave it as the generic Thrill/Action Zone it is. Open some type of Chicken Shack/Chicken n Waffles restaurant in place of the Jukebox?
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By redrunner97
I agree. The whole Thrill Zone area has a generic feel anyway, but Juke Box really stands out like a sore thumb.

Is "Buzz City" trademarked by the Charlotte Hornets? If not, I think they should rename that whole area. It wouldn't have to be bee-themed, but more urban/city themed (which it already kinda is). Send the classic cars over to County Fair and rename Juke Box Diner to "Honeypot's".

If they really wanted to hit the Bee theme a little harder to justify the name change, they could turn Scream Weaver into "Yellow Jacket".

I need Planet Coaster so I live vicariously through a virtual theme park, 'cus this ain't never gonna happen! :lol:
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By redrunner97
tarheel1231 wrote:IMO I wish they'd move away from the urban feel. Just focus on it as it being the Fury 325 midway and get rid of the "roads." The asphalt is really cracked and ugly going down by Drop Tower and Hurler. I just want the area to look good.

You don't have to have cracked asphalt, or asphalt at all, to pull off an urban theme. The paths might not look too hot now (apart from the area immediately in front of Fury) but if they decided to reinforce the urban theme, that would be a pretty good excuse to come in and add brick pavers in the rest of the section. Dark cobblestone, if done right, could actually look pretty close to a city street, but that'd probably be more expensive.
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By FamousAmos
You also have to be careful with what type of paving stone you use. For example, look in County Fair. Halfway through the season several of those stone pavers had to be replaced. That type of paver is made of a softer stone and can not withstand the traffic flow going through there. They look nice, but they constantly need to be replaced. There are two or three areas where the pavers are extremely uneven and easy to trip over. It's kind of sad, I shouldn't have to look down when walking through there. But I have to so I don't trip in some spots. For the majority of the area, they are fine. But there is one spot in front of Electro Spin and another spot to the side of Rock-N-Roller that are very uneven and I hope they get fixed when the park goes on part-time. Especially during scarowinds when it will be dark outside and harder to see at night.
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