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Fury STILL has that <darn> vibration. Seems like with today's technology they could get rid of it. It's better at the front for sure. In any event, I can't ride Fury more than twice in a row without having a headache from the vibration.

I was gonna say i never noticed it before on Timmy but yesterday I noticed it just a bit in the valley just below the mid-course brake run. Nothing really bad though.

That vibration CAN'T be good for the life of the coaster. Does anyone know if the engineers are taking a look at that?
Never experienced that on the older B&Ms so I wonder what it is with the newer ones. I rode Banshee twice last week. I also rode it twice in 2014. The vibration was so bad on both days that it gave me a headache and I honestly have little interest in riding it again. Way worse than anything I ever felt on Fury (which has never bothered me).
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By Axel
I didn't feel any noticeable vibration the couple of times I rode Fury today... but I try to stay out of my seat as much as possible. :) btw, we had to wait 15-20 mins at one point as they stopped Fury for some repair. Most of the line cleared out because the attendants were telling them it might be up to an hour. Of course about 5 mins after the crowd left it opened again.
I will have to say that the times when I rode on the front row, I didn't really feel it much. Seems to be worse further back... at least for me. I wish they would fix it. I'd love to do some binge riding on Fury. For now, 2 is my limit. :cry:
I knew I wasn't loosing my mind. I get that on every ride. Fury's vibration isn't the end of the world, but it's only in its second season. It would be my favorite at the park if it didn't vibrate.

I can only ride it once or twice a visit and and that is if I do even ride it.
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By Jarsh
True it's been a while since I've ridden it, but I'm not sure I've ever experienced a vibration on a B&M... or at least one that was bad enough that I knew what it was.

It sounds like a wheel might've gotten to hot and then sat somewhere too long a developed a flat spot. That's the only thing I can think of that would cause a vibration.
Whenever I ride both Fury and Intimidator, I always look at the cars in front of me. Each and every car is moving from side to side on both coasters. It is not much, however, when combined with the fast speeds, it intensifies the roughness and vibrations.

I've looked down at the wheel trucks too on each one while riding. The road wheels, side wheels, and upstop wheels are all touching the track at all times (unlike an Arrow or Vekoma. So I know that if it is indeed the wheels, then Jarsh is right and it could be some flat spots.

But since the wheels are firm to the track at all times, it has to be how the wheel trucks are attached to the individual cars somehow. The bearings that hold the wheel truck to the car might be ever so slightly too large and are causing each car to move a little from side to side.

This is just from my observations, so if any of you have any other ideas please feel free to share. Hopefully this helps somewhat.
That sounds plausible for sure. You would think that they would have some kind of dampener or isolator at the junction points to prevent the vibration.

Somebody needs to listen... THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED.
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By gabed
Vibration or not I have and will continue to ride Fury because it is an amazing ride. Plus riding it makes me even more proud to have Carowinds as my home park. :lol:
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