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By FamousAmos
Wow, 2 years goes by fast. On this day Fury was announced.
Sorry, saw it on facebook. I wouldn't have remembered it if it didn't remind me of every little thing...

EDIT: What is your favorite Fury 325 memory as of currently? For me it was the night of C3 last year. The best ride I had on it during the fireworks.
My favorite memory of Fury was my first ride. After months of waiting, watching the webcam, seeing the ride go up in person, and recording the testing, I finally got to ride it. My first ride was everything I had ever hoped for and more. Hard to believe it was announced two years ago. I guess time really flies when you're having fun (on Fury325).
A bit unrelated to the current discussion, but now that more people have ridden Fury, do you guys think it could take home the award for the best steel coaster in the Golden Ticket Awards? I know that most enthusiasts aren't to fond of them, but it would still be a huge award for the park! I want the bragging rights! :D
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By Hiveminded
Probably one of my favorites was closing day 2015 in the mist. Top of the ride was in the clouds, and the raindrops really stung. On a front seat ride I was laughing hysterically by the time we got into the brake run at the ridiculousness of it. Also nightrides with my friends are the best.

Two years ago... Announcement day doesn't feel that long ago
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By Jarsh
Ditto. There isn't a time I don't crest the top and think about him. :-(
By kirkgun
So, I just back home from out one and only visit this year. Nice day, small crowds, fast operations, employees seemingly enjoying themselves with light crowds, etc etc. We had a great time.

Anyway, on one of our last Fury rides we were in the back row (me and wife). There were a couple of teenage boys in the back with us. And one of those guys made a spectacular catch. When the train was going over one of the air time hills (I believe the one right after the helix), the glasses of a kid in row 7 flew up and into the air. These were not some cheap sunglasses. These were prescription glasses, designer frames. And the kid, in the back with us, made the catch while weightless on a roller coaster (going what? 40 Miles per hour?). When we were on the brakes, getting ready to roll into the station, he yells at the kid in front of him, "Hey, I got your glasses!" And he handed them to him.

The kid in row 7 was like, "Oh. Huh. Thanks." :yawn:


Yeah, we thought it was pretty cool.
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By FamousAmos
Last night, we held a little memorial service for Jon Allen.
We sang a few songs together, spoke about some good things he done, rejoiced in memories, and we even planted a small banana tree in the front Fury Plaza.

Photo by Claudius.

We think that this was a good testament for Jon.
Fortunately, a banana tree will always grow back if it is ever cut down for some reason.
We'll just have to water it every day.
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By pproteinc
I saw all of you take a few rides last night after the park closed. Jon was a great person and one of the ones besides Claud and Ms Eunice who noticed how often (pretty much daily) I Caine to Carowinds. He had some awesome ideas concerning expansions. He was always a positive person even when I can tell he was not feeling to well and always bent the rules and would let me stay on Fury if the row only had 3 people riding and a few free rides with him on sling shot. May he rest easy.
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