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By Axel
tarheel1231 wrote:They got the (Pity) "Park of the Year" award.

I think Amusement Today could add a "Best Coaster Collection" category to future awards. I think it would be a fairly respectable (albeit biased) category.

actually, Europa-Park won Best Park three years in a row... Cedar Point was second and Dollywood third.
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By arby
You just never know if one of those may show up somewhere.

For any of you who would like to see what is under the station of Fury 325 (besides The Hive), here are some pictures. There is not a lot to see.

The ominous door

One wall consists of cabinets that contain temperature controls, ride controllers, PLCs, etc.

The computers that control Fury 325.

Operations manuals. Note that parts of some pictures have been purposefully blurred out in case they are B&M intellectual property as they showed diagrams.

The harnesses are also here for climbing the lift hill.

A door leads to the back of the on ride photo station.

Fire controls are also here. If you look at the upper left, you can see the bottom of one of two transformers suspended from the ceiling due to lack of floor space.

And that's about it for under the station. Here's an angle that is not often seen.

Next, the motor and gear box. You will note that this is the exact same motor and gear box that is used for Intimidator. However, it takes almost the same amount of time for both coasters to ascend to the peak.

The chain runs non-stop from the time the ride stats up in the morning until it is shut down after park closing, it just slows down significantly until needed to save wear and tear.

The crane that we all know is there to take off cars for maintenance. Underneath it is a roll-up door where the cars are taken under the storage area. You will note that it is a nearly complete maintenance bay to rebuild the trains each year without having to haul them back to the main maintenance garage. I was not able to see in there.

Just a quick shot of parts of the flats for next year that we all know are there. I purposefully didn't take a better picture. :wink:

And finally, just a fun shot.
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By gabed
:lol: :lol: :lol: Honestly thought they meant completely dismantling the ride and then reconstructing it.
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By KIJester
Those "specialized mechanics" need to concern themselves with fixing that three foot strand of missing LED's at the bottom of the lift hill before moving on to larger projects.
This guy LOVES fury so much and praised the hell out of it....but he touched on the B&M rattle he noticed after only 2 years of operation. I can't believe with today's super-engineering that these coasters can be constructed, and yet they have a rattle. I've heard Diamondback has developed a rattle too, but not intimidator (yet)
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