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Umm. Does he even pay attention?

He was asked if he didn't like anything about Fury.

The trims. I felt like every time it wanted to give me ejector airtime, it would hit a trim and deliver "nice" airtime. Rides like Mako do the same thing. You have this lead-in moment where you're going "holycrap holycrap holycrap!!!" anticipating what is about to come, then you hit the trim and go "awwww..."

Ummm. There's only one trim on Fury.
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By cwgator
The trim on Mako isn't that bad either. If anything it helps give a nice extra pop of air as you go over that hill. The on on Fury also wasn't too terribly noticeable to me either. He just likes to complain about the most minute details.
It seems the green lights for fury aren't being maintained very well in the Tunnel around one of the octagons and around the exit of the station as the trains leave they don't seem to replace or fix the lights.
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By fishels
I went! Fury 325 was as smooth as it could be.

Intense of course, but smooth. I'm very happy since I thought my time with the ride may be over. :clap:

I guess it really just is the way the body happens to feel that day or maybe certain seats are a bit rough.

Rode about 8 times and that drop never gets old.
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By gabed
If we're going to be perfectly honest it really had no business being there last year anyways.
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