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I don't remember the exact reasoning behind it, but the park wouldn't let me hold any cabanas (like a hotel would) so anyone wanting one had to go through me to get it. Meaning I had to take everyone's money and call in the request and book it for them. All the work required for it to happen and the fact that only a few people actually ended up using it just made the decision easy to pass on it for this year.
Edwardo wrote:Josh, you should negotiate with the park to get an open bar this year. :-D

Some ACE'ers are bad enough without the effects of free alcohol, lol!
Those after parties are always fun aren't they. Geez... if only we could remember them all, haha. Between the CoasterCon after parties, Stark Raven Mad / Holiwood Nights after parties, PPP after parties... we could write a dang good scandalous book.

Seems like I remember Brian climbing through a window at SRM one year and Scott Schaffer twisting his junk into a hamburger shape one night too. Plenty of Lisa's boobs at PPP (and Craig peen too). The drunk hook ups at the Coaster Con parties are always good for a laugh.
Heads up!

Tomorrow is the last day to drop your Carolina Coaster Classic registration in the mail. If you're going for a gold medal in procrastination, we'll give you until midnight Friday to register online. All the details, including the event flyer and the online registration link can be found at ... r-classic/!
Ok, I have unoffically dubbed C3 as "Cabanas, Coasters and Cocktails" :clap: :lol: . Had a great time yesterday. The very first time I have stayed at the park from opening to closing and not feel miserable. I personally would be intrested in hearing feedback (even though I have no input in the event) of what people thought of C3 and would folks would like to "C" at C3 in the future?
I had a decent time to say the least. The only reason I paid to attend was to see everyone again. That's it. ERT was nice. No one was angry or arguing. I assume I didn't get on anyone's nerves (I value honest opinions, so if I did, please tell me).
Other than that, everything's the same again...
coasterbruh wrote:Ok, I have unoffically dubbed C3 as "Cabanas, Coasters and Cocktails" :clap: :lol: ...

That's awesome! My only disappointment was not hearing Barry Manilow or Bananarama! (Alan?) :lol:

What would I like to "C" in future C3s?
1. Better selection of foods. I'm not saying the food was bad, 'cause it wasn't, I'd just like to have seen things like baked beans, pasta salad, green beans, maybe a soup and choice of meat, not just chicken.
2. Some other arraignment of the Scavenger hunt. Instead of having pictures to search make up some riddles for clues. You could put, inexpensive, tags where the correct answer leads you with a simple number on it. You get the tag, turn it in, numbers are tallied and a winner / winners are announced. That way it kind of keeps you from wondering around the park all day in the heat and gives you more time to enjoy the park. How many actually did the hunt this year?
3. And, Don't break #1!!! Had to of been there to understand that one. :thumbup:
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