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I've asked about that before and was told that the park has no plans to build a hotel BUT they would like to partner with a current hotel in the area so...
Yeah, the conference call seemed to suggest that as well, that they have a site and are working to lease it to a hotel chain. And yes, Carowinds is heavily oriented toward local customers, but if they want to continue growing then they need to start drawing from beyond the region. I think that was part of the motivation in building an attention getter like Fury 325.
tarheel1231 wrote:It just seems like the park wouldn't pull many overnight customers past Raleigh and Columbia.

I'm not so sure about that. I think they pull from more of SC than that at least. Carowinds is closer to Aiken than SFOG and my family has overnighted at Carowinds from Aiken before.
I'm coming up from FL for a whole week in June so... (If it was affordable for me I could see staying at an onsite hotel/resort). There are plenty of people who would patronize such a place. I don't think it would be on average more than 2-3 nights, but there are other things to do in the area besides Carowinds that might keep people a little longer (like myself). Just because it would be "onsite" doesn't mean you have to enter the park to stay there. I'm sure it would have separate access anytime of year, and would most likely offer cheaper rates in the off season.
Also its proximity to downtown and still being at or right near the greater city limits a new hotel would add to the areas total room count which brings not only visitors to the park but room count is something that is looked at when the city of Charlotte wants to host bigger events ( such as the aspirations to host the Super Bowl one day and possibly the Olympics in the future.) CF has made it clear that they not only see the current under served market but the potential for much larger growth in the park and the area. So glad that its all taking place at my local park.
This part is what got me excited! :D

Carowinds2005 wrote:Also some more news about the current state and future of Carowinds.

On the capital investment front, we continue to believe investing new rides and attractions at our parks is critical to driving long term growth. For 2015, our capital program is at a peak level a $170 million driven in large part by the hotel breakers renovation project at Cedar Point, as well as aggressive investment projects at Carowinds as we look to transform this park into our big park.

Given our confidence in the Charlotte market, we plan to continue to be aggressive in our capital investments at this park going forward. Our capital plans will also continue to place and emphasis on building to scale in all of our projects as we believe it differentiates our parks and helps to protect the integrity of our business model for years to come.

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