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Dumb question:

This may have been discussed before, and if so - sorry - But some of you talk to park officials and I was wondering if any of you have ever asked them if Carowinds has a height limit? Not how tall you have to be to get on rides, but how tall of a ride they can actually build?

It didn't grow 78 feet, Carowinds advertised the tower as 340 feet in 1973 then numbers varied between 340 and 320 until Intimidator or Windseeker opened when they started listing the 262 feet number. 262' is the actual height of the ride tower. The flagpole makes it 340' which I assume is what was listed on the 1970s permit for the construction of the tower.
Boris wrote:
Jetp wrote:This is great to hear. But I hope they also add some decent flats as well.

For a true rollercoaster mecca and a well rounded ride collection, they need more than just coasters and flats. I think they could throw in a nice log flume, a cable car ride, railroad or something like Antique Cars as in Sandusky. We are definitely coaster enthusiasts, but between those exciting rides we like to relax a bit on milder ones.

^ Carowinds used to have a log flume, railroad and antique cars. - all gone, just as now they're planning to tear down what originally made them - just my opinion
I seriously do wonder when the next coaster will come. 2018/19 would be my first guess. I was sure it was going to be a launched B&M Wing considering the CF B&M love fest but now without Thunder Road I could see a GCI as well since they seem to be 2nd on CF's list.
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