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By cwgator
Looks like they may be getting ready to open up Fury 325 for the day. It wasn't running earlier. I'm assuming wind as the delay since there is a wind advisory and the temps were in the upper 50s when I first noticed. They just started doing test runs with 2 train ops and a line is forming. Everything else (besides Electro-Spin which looks like it also testing) on the webcam seems to be running.

[EDIT]An hour has passed and it still hasn't opened and is still testing for those who want to know.
By anthonydj
Just let the park... not that busy. They only rides that are down, windseeker, sky tower, elctro spin was stuck, but that's about all.
By BlindedBySmoke
Thank you guys so much! Glad to hear it's not too crowded. I may head that way when I'm off work in an hour. I've never been on a Friday night (except season pass night) so I wasn't sure what to expect crowdwise. I go on Sundays until the summer when I go during the week! :)
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By fishels
My opinions on county fair.

Wow! Just got back from Carowinds and i gotta say they served me crow once again this year!

I still personally prefer the old style of the cobra, but they did an absolutely fantastic job with making this new version fit in with the whole county fair aspect, and the fair aspect was done fantastically IMO. The new blue color on Cobra actually perfectly compliments the Red Do-SI-Do in a way which I didn't expect at all.

On to the rides. Didn't try Zepher because swings aren't my thing and I'm probably fat enough to break the cable lol.

Do-SI- Do was extremely fun and I honestly didn't expect it to feel as forceful as it did. It felt like a more thrilling scrambler but in the air.

I definitely enjoyed Rock 'N' Roller.

But Electro Spin was just absolutely awesome. So awesome in fact, that I definitely think it's one of my new favorite rides in the park. Unfortunately throughout today it seemed to have constant tech issues. Saw it stop a few times with people on it and earlier in the day they were testing with water dummies. Also it was just completely closed a few times when I walked by. So I hope it won't be a nightmare to upkeep. Also aren't they supposed to be installing some kind of lights on the ride later on?

Anyway I think Carowinds is doing a fantastic job. They are continually passing my expectations, just like last year with the water park. And they really nailed the feeling of being at a fair in this new reimagined section of the park. I love it. And I can't wait to see what they pull off next.
By BlindedBySmoke
I made it tonight! It was great... other than being chilly, it was a nice visit! rode fury quite a few times without having to get off and go back through the que. Like I said in an earlier post, I typically go on Sundays- is this crowd (or lack of!) on Fridays normal? There were no lines at all!
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By Hiveminded
Bad news guys, Hurler and Intimidator trims are on :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

Hitting just as hard as they usually do.

And to ^ it's fairly crowded.
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