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By pproteinc
So I'm at the park right now and wanted to give a quick update of what's going on via pictures.

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By pproteinc

So as you all can see:

-Psycho Circus has been moved to the new county fair area
- Scary Tales has been moved to the Boardwalk in the Goldrush Plaza
- The troll is moved next sweet frog in the unused seating area
- Candy Cane Lane is near completion if not completed. The canes go along the whole midway under Nighthawk's lift ending at Windseeker's sign
- Ice rink in front of Intimidator is underway
- The Vortex plaza is blocked off for ground prep work to move the carousel
- New Carowinds Plaza stage constructed for the Skeleton Crew.
- Vampires moving to Thrill Zone
- Fleet Street has been pushed back closer to ripcord to fit in the nook where Panda Express once stood.

Lastly it feels awesome and the park is dead. Get out here and enjoy yourselves.
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By Wormy
Maybe he’s trying to tell us something? A hint at the latest haunt: Stranger Things - The Upside Down!

There used to be a tweak in the code to ensure that direct mobile uploads would display properly on all devices and platforms, which could have been overwritten in the latest software update. Who knows. If it’s a problem you can always rotate your screen, or stand on your head.

Thanks for the pics man!
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By Hiveminded
Merry Halloween. The park is incredibly dead.

Also, Achievement get: Front row zen ride on Fury.
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By pproteinc
Are they Bruh? They're right side up on my end.

I forgot about the vampires; they'll be in Thrill Zone.

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By Justin
The park was dead and empty this evening. I was on Plants vs. Zombies from 8:40 to 9:30 straight in an empty theater. The highest I could get was almost 88,000 and I just stopped when my arms got tired.

Oh yeah, Scarowinds will definitely feel like Nightmare before Christmas. That's what Carowinds should just call it. Candy canes during Halloween? And the proposed ice rink between Harmony Hall and Intimidator is waaayyy too small.
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By pproteinc
Eventful day. The park really got a good 3 hours of pure operations. Nighthawk was down all day and all the tall rides went down a bit after 7 due to weather concerns.
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