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By CCookieMonster
i read a few articles today that were titled stuff like "20 signs you were from NC" and one of the sings I saw in two or three different articles was that when you actually go to Carowinds, it isn't that good. Why are people saying this stuff? I don't know if they don't like Carowinds themselves, but as a North Carolinian I'm extremely prideful in Carowinds. 14 of my 36 coasters I've ridden were at Carowinds. (Maybe I'm digging to deep in this.) I just felt disrespected when I saw this. Just saying...
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By KIJester
Curious "highway" sign question....
Does anyone out there have any information regarding why Carowinds does not have an I-77 sign presence? I noticed KD, KI and CW all have tall Cabela "like" signs out towards the respective interstates they reside on and was wondering why Carowinds has never had one? I remember years ago there was a really tall "Fiesta Plaza" sign that was eventually replaced by the new Cabela's sign and that the real estate they sit on happens to be in York County SC so is it just a matter of landowners not allowing Carowinds to install an interstate sign? Just very curious.

It is interesting to note that both Carowinds and Cedar Point have the "low-to-the-ground" signs at their actual road entrances.

KI & KD pic sources:
CW pic source:
By RollerBee
I think Swampfox said one time that it was due to sign size restrictions. Might not have been Swampfox but I believe they also said that Carowinds Corp wanted a larger sign but couldn't get approval.
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By FamousAmos
It would be nice to have, but I don't think it's high up on the Park's priority list at the moment :( But you never know. Maybe in the future.
By Carowindsman
I dont see that they would be putting that sign, being that you can see the park pretty much from the road. the other parks you kind of have to driver around to really see them. Would be nice to have that. I remember long ago I photo shopped that sign into the spot and it looked good. Even had now opening Titanic the ride in the screen haha
By uscbandfan
One thing that a sign out on the road would give is a potential large LED area to display changing content. Would be a cool place to advertise Scarowinds... Special concert events like "Rock the Park"... Winterfest..."2018 Season Tickets on-sale now"... things like that.

The 2-line display area at the entrance drive doesn't reach near as many people as a large sign on the interstate would. Essentially a bill-board advertisement area.

(I think South Carolina limits content to at least a six-seconds between changing frames so you can't do video. NC might have a similar restriction but I think the best place to put it would be on the SC side.)
By ncsurob
pproteinc wrote:Uh why did you walk out?

Well the new self service POS systems are in place. I guess the gates they installed last off season will be in use soon.


Not looking forward to this. People are going to struggle with it. Hopefully they make season pass lanes and non-season pass lanes.
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By carolinaman
I agree that these new POS systems will take some getting used to and that they need a season pass lane(s). On another note the Carousel building is coming along.
By RollerBee
We also have the new name....
"The Flying @DonHelbig"
Lol, I assume they meant to put Flying Eagles since they tagged Don but it could be just "The Flying". Lol
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By coasterbruh
It's obvious a play on the fact that the beloved flying eagles were pillage from the park . . .
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