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The park doesn't need that either. What do all the major players have as their centerpiece / entrances? Shipping experiences. You would rather someone pick up a shirt heading out vs a last ride. No need to cram rides in the front.
tarheel1231 wrote:Does the park really need a coaster as a "centerpiece" though? I feel like multiple family rides would be a more effective use of space.

Personally, I think they already have their centerpiece... Fury 325. It's just not in the "center" of the park but IS the center of attention when you enter.

The park is missing flats. They need more flats. Can we say it again?... need more flats.
Correct me if I'm wrong but Nighthawk and Vortex are pretty much on flat land. If they could move them to the outliers and put something huge in there place it would be awesome...also remove the stand up seats on Vortex!
Vortex is actually a decent ride. The only "really bad" headbanging part is in the corkscrew. Other than that, there are no problems with it. It's even getting really good ridership during the week and especially on weekends.
This doesn't justify any answers, but it's something to think about.
I personally hope they don't remove anything. There are some rides I would like to see redone or fixed. But I think with the flats coming next year and the ride line up we already have, it makes for a great park.
By Carowindsman
Starting a new thread and this is not a o put this or here or my uncles brother works at dippin dots. Very simple question

What ride would you remove?
Any ride what would you remove. It will be interesting and this is for the current rides in the park nothing that has already been removed or is defunct.

I honestly would remove Nighthawk or Hurler
-Nighthawk just for the fact that it is just not a great running coaster the hype factor for it is minimal
-Hurler its rough its not the same as it was.

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