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I have one photo but it is on a copy of a flyer for Arrow Dynamics Special Attractions so I have would have to scan it and that might be a copyright violation.
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Same concept and possible design, but it was made by Vekoma. Arrow only made two(maybe three). Carowinds and I think Hersheypark but it might have been Knotts Berry Farm. I will dig out the flyer later today.
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Two photos scattered in this topic, here is the link to the flyer i have that someone else posted. ... ns_101.jpg
Are those Tarheel logos I spy?

Interesting note, Blackbeard's Revenge was relocated from another park. I am unsure if my flyer has that information on it.
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ok. I can't get up from rolling on the floor laughing. Look at the design for the mine train... 2000 people per hour on 4 trains. If ONLY we could go back to those days. The seat belts and seats that are in the mine train now probably wont let them do 600 people per hour. Heck, they can't even get ONE train out of the station before the previous one gets back... let alone 3. The good ole days when they would have 4 going at one time. :clap: ok. I digress. back to Blackbeard's Revenge.
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Goldrusher came with four trains, it may be possible to run all four but to my knowledge it never happened. Three of the trains still operate today, legend has it that the fourth train was damaged in a high speed collision when the a train valleyed inside the tunnel.
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I know for a fact that 3 ran at one time and I think I remember all 4.... 3 for SURE. I actually remember 3 on the track with one down on the siding. I can remember as a kid being excited trying to figure which train we were gonna get... red, blue, green, or yellow. ... and I sat BETWEEN my parents on the bench seat with no seatbelt. I'm still here to tell about it. The seat design and the belts are whats keeping the load time so slow I only now ride it once because I dont want to wait so long in a short line.
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The current computer system is incapable of running four trains, running all four trains would fill up all the blocks.(1 in station, 1 on brakes, 1 on lift 2 and 1 on lift 1). I was ride operator at Goldrusher....
By uscbandfan
They don't operate 3 at one time today. There's only 2 on site. (They couldn't run 3 even if they tried because of the loading time... the trains would be constantly stopping on the second lift. They may never have used 4, but I DO remember a train on both lifts at the same time back in the day with one loading.) Maybe the 3rd train is still in storage somewhere that they're using for parts. The storage track at the ride looks like it hasn't been used for years.

Anyway... we're getting a tad off topic. I'm having a hard time remembering Blackbeard's Revenge myself. Would love to see a picture to job my memory.
By RollerBee
One train is always in the rebuilding process, that's why the train colors change during the season.

And actually we did operate Goldrusher with three trains one day(and SCarowinds) during 2005. Pretty sure it was the last weekend when Carowinds sent out 10 free tickets to all season pass holders. We had an extra crew member that so we did manage most of the day keep the trains from stopping on it.
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By swampfox43
Here is the article from the Charlotte Observer announcing the ride in 1985. It was originally located from the 1984 Louisiana World's Fair. The ride was based on an old attraction from the early 1900's called the Haunted Swing. ... rticle.jpg

Also a pic from a 1986 brochure. The ride was hard to photograph because it was generally pretty dark inside and everyone wasn't carrying around cell phone cameras, lol.
Blackbeards Revenge photo from 1986 brochure.
blackbeards-revenge.jpg (123.78 KiB) Viewed 1816 times
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By Jay
Here's a video of the outside of the one at Six Flags Great Adventure -

And here's the inside of one at Efteling -

You sat on benches with very minimal restraints while the main gondola would swing very slightly. The surroundings would then spin wildly, making you think you were going upside down, but it was actually just a very clever optical illusion.

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