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By pproteinc
Yea I definitely remember the old Blackbeard on visits to the south during summer. The illusion was serious on that ride. Some people would actually hold on to the bench.
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By Jarsh
Jay wrote:You sat on benches with very minimal restraints...

My memory of riding Blackbeard's Revenge is fairly old at this point, but I don't remember there being any restraints on it at all. Seems like it was just a bunch of "church pews" that everyone sat on and watched the room roll around you. I remember getting up and swapping places with my sister during the ride on a few occasions because she was scared.
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By tarheel1231
The prototype Carowinds logo in that book is an absolute gem. :D Also, that ride looks almost idental to a Vekoma Madhouse.
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By formeryogi
The illusion worked so well with the pirate ship theme.

The video of Efteling is shows it well. But I think the pirate ship theme worked so much better. For those of you who don't remember, guests sat on a long bench back to back as if they were in the hull of a pirate ship. There were no seatbelts or bars (because the bench didn't actually move ... everything else did!) As the ship started to "rock" guests felt like they were swaying in the waves. Eventually the ship turned upside down. I remember guests totally buying the illusion and getting sick.

I'm not sure of the re-ride factor. After you had experienced it three or four times, the illusion was gone and there was no reason to ride it over again. That's probably why ridership eventually dropped.

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