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Completely agree about Electrospin!!! One of my new favorite rides in the park. So much fun. Justbout of curiosity, is anything else suppose to be added in the County Fair? Not saying it needs anything because I think it looks great, but I know they have added some stuff since the park opened.
^Yeah, it's supposed to get more lights. When I went last Thurs. the lights were installed on the back of the seats, but under the seats they still haven't installed any, just holes where they go. I think it's supposed to get a light package too. It's going to look great at night when they finish it.
sccoasterbear wrote:So Electrospin was so colorful when they installed it, and now all of the white is so bland. Why do you think they went this way?

Because they have better plans for the ride that just haven't been added yet.
Signage for Fair Fries

No signage for Rock N Roller yet, but the ride's exterior looks much better.

Also Electro Spin has been running consistently.
No, didn't even know that was planned actually, lol. Workers are continuing to work on the (ladder game?) and a few small things have been added to the area.
From a picture someone sent me today, it actually is looking more and more like that area we previously thought was for the ladder game may in fact be for the rainmaker or something like that. I plan on being there Sunday for Taste of the Carolinas so I'll grab an updated picture if someone doesn't beat me to it.
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