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Does anyone know when Carowinds will be adding the cool LED light package to do-si-do and when lights and paint will be added to electro-spin? TBH dosido looks a little dull and electro spin looks to incomplete in the night time when the county fair is supposed to be bright and attractive with tons of colors at night. Just my 2 sense.
FamousAmos wrote:Anything different with Scrambler this season? or nah?

I know it needs shade in the queue....that's for sure. I understand that it's possible CF thought it was a ride visibility issue (that previous owners didn't seem to have). If they keep plan on keeping it in that spot for years to come I don't see why they don't rework the queue to the right side of the ride & opening up the front so that shade could be installed. I know ride control building is right there but even that could be moved if need be. Anyways...that's for the wishlist
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