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By jeffdavis
As this thread continues it might need to be renamed. This conversion is not happening for 2018. We can continue to speculate about Vortex's future for 2019 and beyond. From a business standpoint, I can see Cedar Fair wanting to get a few more years out of these expensive trains and use capital expenditures elsewhere in the park (and chain) where more ROI might be found.
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By cwgator
The ride opened in 1992 so...
Not sure how much of them has been rebuilt, but I'm sure others may know if they've replaced the trains or not since it opened otherwise.
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By arby
I'm late to the party as I was mostly unavailable last week.

What he found offensive was that Coasterbruh said 'Jesus' and not the image itself. You have to look at the top of the post.

I don't find people's language offensive unless it is degrading them because of their religion, race, sex, sexual preference, etc.
By Edwardo
Still not sure how saying Jesus' name (which wasn't insulting anyone's religion, as it's a common figure of speech) is worse than the N word...
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