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By coasterbruh
Not everyone has that issue . . . :-D :) :shifty:
By Hydratorofury4life
I am now starting to think that carowinds might keep vortex the way it is and expand planet snoopy instead or put in a huss frisbee or something....2019 I think will be the year we see vortex floorless if there is are trend between closing standups and making them floorless....
By RollerBee
tarheel1231 wrote:^ ¿Por qué no los dos? Cedar Fair has made it clear that they aren't afraid of spending.

Similar logic as to why Carowinds wouldn't add a new coaster to Whitewater Falls area and renovate Vortex in one year.
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By arby
While Cedar Fair isn't afraid of spending money, Mr. Ouimet has also mentioned the term ROI (return on investment) numerous times. He is looking for the most bang for his buck so they are making all these moves strategically.
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By carolinaman
I may be wrong, but I feel like they will see how well Patriot does, being so similar to Vortex before making a final descion. I know things are planned years in advance sometimes but plans can and do change quickly sometimes.
By Edwardo
Why wait on patriot? They already know how the story ended with Mantis.

If indeed Cyclone has new restraints, with Maverick having gotten new restraints, and Mean Streak being made over, it looks like the company already knows people want comfortable rides and are ready to spend money breathing new life v into old attractions.
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By FamousAmos
That's all cyclone needs honestly; New restraints like on Cobra's Trains. Granted, it is still worthy of several rides throughout the season (just personal preference, I like riding it), but having the new restraints will greatly improve the ride quality. Maybe they are wanting better guest feedback?
It's August and based off of the announcement dates for some of the other parks in the chain, we're probably about two weeks away from finding out what Carowinds has in store for the 2018 season. It's all but confirmed that Planet Snoopy is transforming into Camp Snoopy next year, but what about Vortex?

Personally, I think it's guranteed at this point. Sure, this permit doesn't explicitly state that Vortex will be getting converted, but the fact that they're focusing on renovating this area is pretty suspicious:

Vortex Plaza Renovation
Renovation of the existing Vortex plaza for the relocation of an existing ride and existing game within the park. Work will consist of new pavement, storm drainage, and infrastructure.

I'm 99% sure that it's getting converted next year.
While I don't want to get my hopes up, it wouldn't make any sense not to go ahead and do it. Why renovate an entire area and not convert it while you're at it?
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