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Kings Dominion is also calling 2018 the biggest announcement ever. Don't hold on to the usage of the word "Big" in theme park terms.
Hotel is not happening tomorrow, period.

BIG? Perhaps referring to the Camp Snoopy retheme and maybe a Vortex conversion.
"Big" could mean a new characters in the park...a new trains on Flying Ace Aerial Chase...floorless Vortex.

It could be anything. Agreeing with Coasterbruh, saying "big" or "biggest" doesn't always mean what you want it to mean.
I'mma go ahead and say that a Vortex conversion is a no-go for 2018, and the entire focus for the season will be on Camp Snoopy. After all, they're re-hauling the entire kids area. That in and of itself is a pretty big investment. To market that along side Floorless Vortex seems like a bad idea. Then again, I'm not in marketing and I've never operated a theme park before, so take my words with a grain of salt.
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