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I'm surprised people still think Vortex is getting converted :lol:

I would love to see an expansion of the campground and campground amenities. It's the little things that make such a big difference with a campground. There are still roughly 30 acres of un-touched land behind the campground
Jonathan wrote:I really hope they get a Disk'o like Cedar Point and Kings Island. I don't like many flats, both those things are really fun.

Agreed, Jonathan. They're a blast!

But has CF added them to a "kiddieland" yet or are they all in the more family sections of their respective parks? Not that it really matters, since they could easily buck their own trend if they were so inclined. Just curious.

coasterbruh wrote:That site is a ditch. :lolno:
I would love to see a Pipe Scream in Thunder Roads old station area. It would be a nice fit with some landscaping around it. To me, its a thrill/family ride which would be a welcoming addition. Especially for the bottom of the crossroads area.
I would also love to see, "Skyline Attractions,"STRIKE U UP" game. I know its a game, but its a little ride also. Its something different. Its the little things that add to the experience. I'm just ready for tomorrows chain wide announcements.
I know this could not be farther off topic, so I'll apologize in advance. But there's gonna be so much activity tomorrow that this is gonna get buried anyway, so what the hell:

tarheel1231 wrote:This is from today's Facebook post. Please tell me this idiot isn't actually one of us: 2017-08-15_LI.jpg

You think that's bad enthusiast representation? I came across this comment over on Carowinds' youtube channel earlier:


Then they followed up ^ that little gem with this comment:


Now, why does that sound so familiar? :think:
Maybe I've read similar rhetoric somewhere else... Facebook maybe?
cadi40 wrote:My Final Predictions - 2 Hotel announcements since there were "two big presents", A launch coaster since they teased a car and a helmet, and a wing coaster since they teased a kite. I also expect 2 log flumes since snoopys yacht club is being demolished so they took away 2 water rides in 2017. Those are my predictions and I'm being 100% honest :)

If you read back a page or two before you posted this, the first of the big announcements was already posted - a camp outfit for Snoopy, confirming our suspicious that Planet Snoopy will be rethemed to Camp Snoopy.

Also, you will see here that the hearing for the rezoning of the area for the hotel isn't until 9/25. It is highly unlikely that there will be a hotel announcement today, or this year (from Carowinds) at all.
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