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Hopefully Dodgems doesn't get scrapped whenever they decide to expand into that area (assuming it's not already moving for 2018). It's currently sitting on prime real estate that the park seems to be pretty intent on utilizing soon.

That said, I personally think the carousel would look beautiful in Carolina Showplace. That area really needs something to fill the empty gap left after the removal of the Vortex fountains (and not those weird random potted plants that they had sitting over the old grates recently).

Speaking of fountains, I'd love to see the "Celebration Plaza" area get more of a facelift (what an awful name BTW). The new Starbucks looks great, but the older shops should definitely be replaced. Some trees, a large fountain with the park logo incorporated somehow, and a new, larger stage area would really boost the first impression visitors are now getting from Fury and the new entrance plaza.

FamousAmos wrote:the current carousel building is not worth keeping...

Agreed! I'd like to think the park could pull off a really nice new exterior structure for the carousel, reminiscent of the restoration work they did on our new wave swinger. Make it retro and super Carolina-centric!

My big question, however trivial, is: will they re-name the carousel? "Character Carousel" is pretty generic IMO, and even something like "Carolina Carousel" would be infinitely better and more thematically appropriate (even though I've never been too much of a fan of the "Carolina ____" names). Thoughts, anyone?
Name it Durham Derby! :thumbup:

I think something like the Universal Music Plaza stage would be a good fit for the park and make a great first impression. Obviously not the same architectural style, we really don't need any more Art Deco buildings. But a stage that is, in a sense, a physical building instead of a pattern of trusses.
cadi40 wrote:I'm saying that I think Vortex is getting converted. Cedar fair would have to be an idiot to renovate Carolina Showplace but let Vortex sit untouched.

If that were the case Vortex would be closing before the season ends. There's been no announcement or teasing of a closure. IMO.
One week till the announcement! Everyone make your last and final predictions! I predict Vortex Conversion, Vortex Plaza Renovation, PS converted to Camp Snoopy and expansion, And maybe some general park upgrades. I am still on the fence on if they will announce the Hotel to open at a later date.
I'm iffy on the Vortex conversion at this point. Camp Snoopy is pretty much confirmed, so I suspect we'll get 2 or 3 zamperla rides to go along with the Breakdance (I won't stop believing until announcement day). I'm also expecting the announcement of a 2019 hotel. Carolina Showplace is definitely getting a makeover next year, I suspect we'll continue to see general park updates as well. Hopefully they continue to rebuild the plaza.
I've done an overlay of the plans and the area to be re-worked in Photoshop keeping everything to the same scale. You can see the dodgems, drop tower and carousel off to the side showing the current scale of each to the proposed ride location. Also, if you see the red arrow, it looks like part of that building is going to come off, at least according to these plans.

I wouldn't expect Dodgems to move just yet. But if they need room for rides in the kids area, the Carolina Carousel (oh cmon, you know that's what they'll call it) would really spruce up the Vortex plaza.
tarheel1231 wrote:See, Dodgem's is way too big to fit in that spot. The carousel itself is actually smaller than the structure over it, so it could fit. But Dodgem's floor is practically the same size as the roof.

And Carousel line fits under the existing Carousel building along with an area where there is benches. The new building shows a que area outside the main part of the building.

Dodgems doesn't have to be round, most Dodgems rides aren't round as Carowinds' are, if they move them they could be a Sqaure or rectangle structure.
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