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I'm thinking tap dancing shoes for the breakdance (big leap there, I know), Linus' blanket for the Linus Launchers, either an envelope or a kite for the kiddie drop ride, and the toy bus is pretty obvious.

Toy train toy train toy train!
I see the statement that Cedar Fair wants Carowinds to be the Cedar Point of the south from time to time, and I was just thinking, Cedar Point is the only Cedar Fair park to have both Camp Snoopy and Planet Snoopy in the same park.

Could we be getting a second kids area in the park themed to camp rather than planet.

And if we are, could one of the presents be a log flume... Seems you might want a place near a log flume to change out of your wet clothes, like a Camp Snoopy bathhouse.
I don't think Cedar Fair literally wants Carowinds to become the CP of the south.

I think the thing that makes a destination park more than having hotels and other amenities is having unique experiences that you can't find anywhere else. None of the other CF parks near Carowinds have a Camp Snoopy, so this another addition that would set it apart. I think they'll continue in the vein of additions like Fury, Carolina Harbor, Plants vs. Zombies, and the County Fair in creating experiences uniquely tailored for Carowinds, rather than cloning a certain park in Ohio by adding a bunch of roller coasters.
If Carowinds adds a Camp Snoopy and keeps Planet Snoopy then it would only make sense if Planet Snoopy stays where it is and Camp Snoop is built somewhere else in the park.

For example the old County Fair/Whitewater Falls area, however I personally think between the Cyclone and Drop Zone would be better as it would further from Planet Snoopy.

You can rule out any where on NC side this year but with the slight possibility of the relocated ride being Dodgems, I think there may be a slight possibility of a Camp Snoopy area replacing Dodgems and Whitewater.

However I am leaning towards the relocated ride is Carousel and Camp Snoopy is either a rethemed Planet Snoopy or placeholder name for the existing Planet Snoopy.
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