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At this point, I'm not expecting the Vortex conversion until 2019. I'm thinking they're waiting until then so that its debut coincides with the opening of the hotel, and they'll have a major "new" attraction to market.

I'm more than happy with what's shaping up to be an entire kids area rehaul, since the last time the park expanded the kids area was 2005. Think about that for a second: the last time the kids area saw any major additions was over a decade ago under Paramount. The only attention given to it thus far has been the Planet Snoopy retheme in 2010, which was likely done to save on licensing. Not only that, but the park has removed two rides from the area (Snoooy's Gr8 Sk8 and Joe Cool's Driving School) and significantly shortened the length of Snoopy's Junction (please open a toy train Snoopy!), though the latter is really a non-issue.

Anyways this addition (or addictions) should add some much needed capacity into the children's area. I'm still like 95% sure the Breakdance is on its way, along with 3-4 more Zamperla rides. I'm excited to see them breathe new life into another section of the park after seeing what they did with the Cobra midway. And I'm sure we'll see the announcement of a hotel as well.
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