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coasterbruh wrote:
carolinaman wrote:We know that the Snoopy area is getting new rides, but what other things around the park do you think they will do/upgrade/remove that will not be announced. Ex. Removing the planter in front of the stage last year or redoing Papa L. Pizza the year before.

I don't think they will announce the carousel being moved as it won't be a focus of the 2018 season or sell passes. I see it as being an added bonus as plants vs zombies was. Meaning it may be mention at a later time but not at the announcement (like the slingshot as well)

I dunno, they may need to say something depending on when they start construction. With Winter fest this year, people seeing it being taken down with no explanation, they may freak out.
That seems like something that could very well be done in the off season. I don't think we have confirmation that the entire current planet snoopy will be available. I'm curious as to how the construction is gonna go. With the current rumored rides, it shouldn't take more than a day as they are very small. But I think they can do it all in 3 months.
tarheel1231 wrote:That land is mostly within Carolina Harbor, so if I hard to guess, I could see a water coaster going in that spot.

But getting back to 2018, how likely is it that Planet Snoopy will actually turn into "Camp" Snoopy and the name on the permit isn't just a generic name for filing the permit?

you seem to have become obsessed with the name. why is this so important?
But why would anyone use a generic name that is so close to the actual name.

I could see using a generic name, something like "project ring" if you didn't want what you were doing to be known until you announced it.

But by putting "Camp Snoopy" there's no desguising what they're doing.

Just seems an odd choice for a code name.
Carowinds just posted Day 4 of presents with a kite stuck in a tree, this is most likely a reference for the kite eating tree ride!
tarheel1231 wrote:That area where the carousel is looks like it can only fit 1-2 rides max, where would the others go?

Snoopy's Junction sits in a big field. Could we be seeing its removal?

I don't think all current rides are going camping . . .
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