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I see there is now an option for a disposable cup for free refills all season long in addition to the souvenir cup. Is the only difference the cup is disposable rather than carrying around a big bottle all day? The price is the same but before going this route want to make sure it's unlimited refills just like the souvenir bottle. Be a lot better if you don't have to carry around a cup since some rides (the Fury) require lockers to put it in while riding.
By cadams
I am trying to add this online to two of my existing family Gold Passes that have the season dining. I get an error for both passes that the numbers in whatever format I enter are not found. Anyone else have this issue?
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By jlc9701
Are you entering the season pass number or the combination of letters and numbers from the rear bottom of the pass? I am pretty sure the online ordering system asks for the letters and number combination.
By cadams
I did the 8 character and the 20 number options and neither worked. I think it's because I did the bottle order already back in August for these two passes, tried a third pass and it allowed me to add it.

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