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By uscbandfan
Is there a way on the website to renew and upgrade a pass from Silver to Gold or do you have to start from scratch to upgrade?

I have a Gold pass from last year and my family each have silver passes. I am contemplating making the family gold as well. I'd hate to have to go through the photo and pass line again if I don't have to. Renewing is SOOOO much easier.
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By pproteinc
Not to get in your business or anything. Are you children of age to drive or attend Scarowinds? That would be the only reason I can see to upgrade them to Gold passes unless you guys are wanting the free admission to Winterfest as well.

As for the upgrade, I think you will have to start from scratch as the pass numbers do not transfer and you will need to get a gold pass processed. When I upgraded from gold to platinum a few years back, I had to get processed all over again.

It should be easier now with all the new picture upload features online. If you do that option all you have to do is just get your passes from the processing without taking pics and all.
By RollerBee
Winterfest isn't included on the Silver pass and SCarowinds isn't either. That's two good reasons for Gold. I started out buying my 9 year a gold pass in 2012 because Silver wasn't offered yet and I just stayed with Gold for her. When Dinos Alive was added to the Gold pass it finally gave a benefit for her.
By uscbandfan
The only reason I have Gold and they have silver is for parking. Dinos aren't of interest. We were thinking about Winterfest and Scarowinds as the reason for the upgrade. (Unless Gold has more early ride times)
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By arby
Yes, unfortunately you have to go through processing again when you change from any level of pass. That is a pet peeve of mine and hopefully they will change that in the future.

It has prevented me from upgrading to platinum passes a couple of times as I didn't want to go through the hassle of pass processing and then have to go back through the process again the following season to downgrade. (I know, I've complained about this numerous times ;))

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