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By Wood Coaster
Help with the Dining Plans.

What Foods/Combos are available at Each dining place when you buy one of the Dining Plans.

They used to be a list on the website last year..... Its either not on there this year or I just can't find it.

It would be nice to know before hand (kids involved).
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By saxrokinhomo
If you have the Carowinds app each location on the dining plan has a symbol showing whether or not it has any options covered by the dining plan. And each locations menu also has the same symbol showing what options are available if any
By skidude70
It is gone. However, they have added a few new items that my kids like better. Two new items in Harmony this year include the chicken or cheese quesadilla and hot dog basket.
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By pproteinc
carolinaman wrote:The Quesadas were there last year. Do the hot dogs have chilli on them?

No. It's an extra long hotdog with the sidewinder fries. You do get less fries than that of a burger basket tho.
By anthonydj
Look what I found !!!

EDIT : Well it would let me upload a picture but funnel cakes from county fair funnel cakes IS included on the all season dining plan.

EDIT : never mind here it is lol.
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By Chris
SuperWeenieHutJr wrote:^ I believe that is an error. Signage at Fair Fries shows it on the dining plan. The Funnel Cake place has no mention of the dining plan.

I remember seeing that it was but who knows.

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