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By pproteinc
Not sure if it was addressed but the Italian subs are located at Luigi's Pizza shop in between scrambler and the Carowinds theater.

FamousAmos wrote:Chickies and Pete's is indeed on the dining plan.
I eat there quite a lot. And they also made a change to the fries. They don't over-season them anymore. Now I can actually eat them without having to stop halfway through.

You can get either the Steak or Chicken Philly with Crab Fries.

Great so I will have to ask for extra season on my fries going forward.
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By Sean978
^They have an option in the computer kiosks you use for ordering. You can get extra seasoning and sauce.
By Lltb79
I have a family of seven and I was wondering if the dinning plan is worth it at 29.99. I have a 5yr twins 8 and the rest is 12 and above. Any suggestions
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By TheBoss01
If you want to get more food with your day or season meal plan, I recommend using it at Chickie and Pete's. They give you the most food with your meal plan in the entire park.
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By TheBoss01
Sean978 wrote:^They have an option in the computer kiosks you use for ordering. You can get extra seasoning and sauce.

You should get cheese sauce with your meal without ordering for extra, but sometimes it gets me upset that the people working won't give me cheese sauce for some reason, but it does come with your meal. I normally get my cheese sauce about 75% of the time with ordering more.
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By coasterbruh
Anyone experience the Great Carolina Fest? I won a VIP experience and what I had to eat was pretty good (except the desserts). I was a little perplexed that they would put meal size items in the regular places as I thought the nature of these events were for tasting/sampling.
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By coasterbruh
You think that many people would want it?
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By carolinaman
Chris told me the main reason for the meals being on the dining plan was because passholders with dining plans complained about it costing extra to sample the food. As far as meals being added to the dining plan,when I asked about that he said probably not. And yes, we tried one of EVERYTHING. The stand out to me was the Pimento Cheeseburger. Everything was good, but the biggest issue we had was some places like Intimidator Kiosk didn't know the Turkey leg with Sweet tea bbq was on the dining plan. They kept telling me to go to HH until I showed them the Great Carolina Fest guide.But overall we enjoyed everything.

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