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By jeffdavis
Has there been any discussion of the puddles on the path to Dark Harvest? It's not rain. Does anybody know where that water is coming from? I was there Saturday 9/23 and it was a significant inconvenience in the queue line.
By jeffdavis
Good. Maybe it was a leak, spill, run-off from cleaning, etc. That night it was enough to bother a lot of people in line around us, and an employee was shining a flashlight in the area to help. I know it had not rained that day and I don't think it had rained the day before, either.

But I seem to remember it at least once from 2016.
By uscbandfan
Maybe runoff from something. I noticed no puddles on Friday night.

I did however notice the vibration still there on row 5 of Fury. (No vibration on front row. :D )

Sorry... vittles for another thread.
By Edwardo
Popped in for a couple hours Saturday nite (going back this Saturday for the whole thing). First off, the changes they've made for this year are really a step in the right direction. Every change to the Scare Zones make them fit more in to the park much better. Skeleton Crew at the front of the park is a great idea. The new setup for Blood Yard looks freaking incredible, as does the stage for Blood Drums. Also the random loud sound in the cargo containers is great, and something I've been wanting (and got at USJ) for a long time.

DIdn't go thru Scary Tales, but the location is great. The County Fair and the spooky fair theme there was well done. I only did two haunts (Slaughterhouse, meh), one of which was the new on. Okay, so it has real potential. The production is really stepped up on the Scare Zones and this haunt. The small 4 person group just ahead of us keep stopping and wouldn't move, and even though they weren't sending too many people in at once, the stupid idiots in front of us caused the line to stop, and that caused gags and frights to hit late or not at all. Yes, it's dark, but I think I could like it if I give it another chance and actually get to experience it. I'm intrigued. It could be the best haunt at SCarowinds. Someone must have went to Scary Farm and took some notes. Its not there, but they've borrowed some of the effects from mazes out there for this one. And thats a good thing.

Overall, what I saw, I felt SCarowinds upped the mark this year.
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By BS1983CLT
Totally agree! Depth of Darkness is awesome! In my opinion, the best haunt the park has done in years!

Saturday night was packed! Fury had an hour line at 7:25pm! Crazy!

The crowds sure do come out for Scarowinds. I hope next year the park gets an additional house for sure.

Blood Drums location is perfect!

Skeleton Crew looks amazing!

Hands down, great event! Best I have ever seen at Scarowinds! The placement of the scare zones just make perfect sense....

Job well done...
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By tinotoot
Going Sunday..I'm so excited! A little scared, honestly, I'm anticipating/dreading the new maze and hoping I don't wet my pants...
By RollerBee
tinotoot wrote:Going Sunday..I'm so excited! A little scared, honestly, I'm anticipating/dreading the new maze and hoping I don't wet my pants...

Depth of Darkness felt like Defex backwards with different theming and some lighting changes.
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By arby
I also like the way that SCarowinds feels to be better dispersed around the park.

As far as Depths of Darkness goes, it is by far the best maze that the park has had since I have been going to SCarowinds. I hope we see more of the technologies they incorporated brought into future mazes.
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By tinotoot
Going tonight! I'm kinda bummed it's going to rain because I was gonna do a vlog/photo report, but since the scarezones are going to be empty (sigh)...Oh well. Atleast the mazes will be open!
Well actually, sorry if this is a stupid obvious question but SCarowinds still operates in the rain right? I've actually never been in the rain, even when I worked there I had a rainy night off.
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By FamousAmos
I really liked the use of sound in Depths of Darkness. I won't spoil it but there is one part where the sounds come from further down a hallway in one scene and I found it to be very effective.

The park closed at 10 tonight. The rain prevented the outside attractions (scare zones and Dark Harvest) from operating. Also, I'm assuming that the extremely low crowd tonight was another reason. Every maze was a "walk-on" lol.
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By Justin
I was super pissed that Scarowinds closed early without any indication when coming into the park or announcement on facebook. My brother and his girlfriend were in town and we planned to go. Obviously it was going to rain but that doesn't stop anything normally. In fact, the rain started drizzling when the park opened and stopped when the park closed early. There was no downpour or lightning. Just a little rain. The money I spent on my vistor's tickets went down the drain. I dont know who is in charge of making final decisions at Carowinds, but they need to be replaced or demoted. Seriously. Carowinds needs to replace most of its management--they got too comfortable and entitled. The younger enthusiastic staff should be allowed step up and replace the managers. It would make the park operate 100x better.
By Stayseeliz
We debated all afternoon whether we should go last night. I knew they'd close early. I'm sure they knew it too with the way the weather was looking. I'm glad we stayed home. Sorry about your visitor passes! That sucks!
By jeffdavis
I expect light crowds this Sunday night compared to Saturday nights, but should I also expect less scaractors because it's a school/work night? Will there be a noticeable difference in scaractors in the mazes, the scare zones, or roaming the park?
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