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By redrunner97
I was the one who suggested Ripper Street. :wave:

As a local who has my feet in the film industry—with a focus on horror—I can think of about a million cool ideas for Scarowinds mazes that draw from Carolinian lore and mythology. And that's not even counting public domain material that would have even wider appeal.

I'd kill (pun intended) to get my hands on something like Scarowinds (or a regular haunt, for that matter)! The possibilities are endless and I wish more haunts would realize they haven't even scratched the surface of marketable, royalty-free content for their mazes.

It's almost 2020, which will mark the 20th year of Scarowinds. So, maybe that'll be the year of fear and we'll finally see the park truly go bananas for Halloween Haunt!
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By tinotoot
That is SO cool! I wonder how you get to become a haunt designer..I've definitely considered that as a career choice but I don't know where I'd start! Some more Carolina-themed mazes would be awesome. Knott's has had attractions with Californian/Southwestern themes (Day of the Dead, Lost Vegas). If I recall, didn't SCarowinds have a bayou themed maze years back? I know we have Dark Harvest now and that's pretty themed to NC...or backwoods NC for sure!
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By redrunner97
Of the current mazes, Silver Scream Studios is definitely my favorite. I also really like Slaughterhouse, Dark Harvest, and Zombie High a lot. I think they're well themed and very immersive.

Here are some obvious Carolinian horror themes that I'd love to see explored in some fashion:

The Lost Colony
The desperate, starving inhabitants of the infamous Roanoke Colony turn to black magic rituals as a mean of summoning food. Their prayers are answered as park guests begin trespassing on their property with plenty of fresh meat to spare! Beware the bloodthirsty colonist and their unholy appetite for human flesh!

Incident at Brown Mountain
A government research facility is studying the strange lights that have been spotted in the sky above Brown Mountain, NC for centuries. Legend says they're they're the restless spirits of Cherokee warriors killed in battle, but the truth is even more terrifying... Suddenly, the lab is stormed by extraterrestrial invaders hellbent on stopping the discovery of their hidden base beneath the mountain!

Captain's Quarters
Blackbeard terrorized the shores of the Carolinas centuries ago, but now he's back and more savage than ever. He and his spectral crew return from beyond the grave every Halloween to search for the captain's prized booty, which was buried somewhere on the
land now known as Carowinds. And if they can't find it, there will be hell to pay!

There's also the Beast of Bladenboro, the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, Bloody Bones, The Gray Man, and so much more. The Carolinas have such a rich horror history ingrained in our folklore; it's a crime that it isn't being mined to its fullest extent by anyone really.
By Mootoo27
Anyone else feel like their using the themes they already have and revamping them for example: Cornstalkers to Dark harvest. Silver scream sinema to silver scream studios and the return of slaughter house back in 2015 in the form Slaughter house the final cut. And last laff to psycho circus.

My point is they seem to be redoing their older properties which raise the question for this year, are we getting something new or something revamped
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By Wormy
It’s August. Not sure what double posting and quoting yourself with a misspelling accomplishes, but there’s still plenty of time for teens (the targeted demographic) and adults to discuss Scarowinds.
By Mootoo27
I apologize if I upset you and probably shouldn't be complaining about time especially when I'm new to this. But don't assume other people's ages I don't want to start anything so can we just end this here.
Wormy wrote:It’s August. Not sure what double posting and quoting yourself with a misspelling accomplishes, but there’s still plenty of time for teens (the targeted demographic) and adults to discuss Scarowinds.
By 1Falcons
speaking of discussing SCarowinds, when will they give us another clue besides the countertop and stove in the black room?
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By Merthecat
Wolf wrote:They renamed London Terror to Fleet Street because of the terrorist attacks that happened.

It also happens that there is an actual Fleet Street in London. It's quite famous.
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By CarowindsFreak
Carowinds posted on snapchat work being done in the park today for Scarowinds, WinterFest, and just other improvements. They gave a little preview of the new maze and the left side of the building looks to say Black Research. They are also changing the facade of the building too. Looks kinda like a rusty old factory or bunker.
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