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By WindSeeker84
Hey everyone it's me I have a couple of questions to ask about the Carowinds Season Pass. I understand there are three different levels the Silver, Gold, and Platinum. One of my questions is what is the difference between the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels? I understand that the Gold and Platinum levels both have the Free Parking benefit and the Free Admission to Dinosaurs Alive, is there anyone that might know why the Free Parking or Admission to Dinosaurs Alive isn't on the Silver Pass? Any answers would help thanks.
By kirkgun
The way I look at it (and I think most others) is this:

If you want to go to other Cedar Fair parks, besides Carowinds, then you get the platinum. If you are only going to Carowinds, then get gold or silver.

If you will need to park your car, then you want the gold. Or if you want to go to Scarowinds and Winterfest then you also want the gold.

If you don't drive a car, and Scarowinds and Winterfest isn't something you will attend (young kids for example), then you get the silver.

Dinosaurs Alive isn't very important to the decision for most people.

-edited, I forgot about Winterfest this year
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By cwgator
Quick-sh Question about Platinum Passes...

We plan on getting Platinum Passes for next season. We are going to Carowinds, Cedar Point and Kings Island on an extended road trip. So far that is the order we plan on taking and would buy our passes through the Carowinds Website and process the day we stop there.

However, if our plans change and decide to go the opposite direction, or cut out Carowinds altogether (say if we decide to fly to OH instead), would we need to process it at Carowinds before using it at the other parks? Or could I process it at any of them? Since I live in FL it's kind of hard to just run over to the park just because.

We would just do single day tickets, but even with 3 days at CP and 2 at KI it's a no brainer to get the Platinum and have those benefits...hell the parking would be $100 by itself otherwise.

I had a Platinum Pass in 2008, but was only able to use it at Carowinds on 3 separate occasions/trips due to unforeseen circumstances (torn MCL). I had planned on using it at KD at least that year, but it didn't work out.

I think this may have been covered at some point, but didn't see it.
Of course I know I can always contact the park if necessary. Labor Day usually the best chance to get a better offer than what is available now? I was going to wait until then to purchase.
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By cwgator
Yes. New passholders can also get the rest of 2018 as well.

By fonzlinney
I renewed my gold pass along with the meal and drink plan a couple days ago I really wanted to take advantage of the one free pass for a guest
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By mdsmith98
I don't personally have it, but it works the same was as Fast Lane when you purchase them individually. Someone please correct me if i'm wrong, but you go to the fast lane booth every visit and get a wrist band for that day.

I love purchasing fast lane when I visit other CF parks, so I can ride everything when i'm there, but I don't know about an all season fast lane. I'm sure it will come in handy for seasons such as 2019 when there is a major new attraction (I am assuming the park will be pretty busy on a consistent basis next year, especially the first few weekends). I just don't really know if I can see spending $275 on this, when I have a season pass, and the park is only 20 minutes from my home, so I can visit almost anytime I want.

I'm sure its a fantastic thing to have, and if your budget allows it, and if you don't like waiting in lines, I would go for it. But I have a platinum pass with the meal plan, so that is already pretty pricey, so I just can't see spending an additional $275 right now on something I don't necessarily need.
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By tarheel1231
I renewed my pass, but apparently the servers went offline while I was purchasing it. A message from the site told me to check my email to make sure the order had been processed or else I was risking being charged twice.

Well the money is gone from my account, but I haven't received an email. Did my order not go through?

[EDIT]: Now my pass isn't even recognizable. Starting to get pissed, I'm out $112 and I have nothing to show for it.

[EDIT #2]: Never mind, the confirmation email was just sent. Was worried for a sec
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By cwgator
^I had the same issue getting my SF Platinum Membership today (through SFOG). I submitted the order and got a similar popup while it started processing. I was able to the print ticket somehow and the money was taken out of my account. After that I was like what the hell do I do if I want to get into my It was about an hour before I got the email so I'm all good now.
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By KIJester
Anyone know if there is a Season Passholder "only" entrance yet?
Would be nice not to have to wait behind all of the families with strollers, bag check and such.
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By tarheel1231
I manually renewed my pass because I forgot that I had signed up for auto-renewal. As a result of this, I got charged twice. How do I opt out and get my money back?
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By Chris
I would call them at (704) 588-2600. If you signed up during the Roller Coaster Day promotion, make sure they cancel the auto renew one so that you get the benefits still. :)
By phareous
KIJester wrote:Anyone know if there is a Season Passholder "only" entrance yet?
Would be nice not to have to wait behind all of the families with strollers, bag check and such.

I've never seen any special treatment for season pass holders, neither in parking or the gate. It would be nice if they at least gave a discount on preferred parking, etc. but they don't .

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