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By WindSeeker84
Hey everyone it's me I have a couple of questions to ask about the Carowinds Season Pass. I understand there are three different levels the Silver, Gold, and Platinum. One of my questions is what is the difference between the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels? I understand that the Gold and Platinum levels both have the Free Parking benefit and the Free Admission to Dinosaurs Alive, is there anyone that might know why the Free Parking or Admission to Dinosaurs Alive isn't on the Silver Pass? Any answers would help thanks.
By kirkgun
The way I look at it (and I think most others) is this:

If you want to go to other Cedar Fair parks, besides Carowinds, then you get the platinum. If you are only going to Carowinds, then get gold or silver.

If you will need to park your car, then you want the gold. Or if you want to go to Scarowinds and Winterfest then you also want the gold.

If you don't drive a car, and Scarowinds and Winterfest isn't something you will attend (young kids for example), then you get the silver.

Dinosaurs Alive isn't very important to the decision for most people.

-edited, I forgot about Winterfest this year
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By cwgator
Quick-sh Question about Platinum Passes...

We plan on getting Platinum Passes for next season. We are going to Carowinds, Cedar Point and Kings Island on an extended road trip. So far that is the order we plan on taking and would buy our passes through the Carowinds Website and process the day we stop there.

However, if our plans change and decide to go the opposite direction, or cut out Carowinds altogether (say if we decide to fly to OH instead), would we need to process it at Carowinds before using it at the other parks? Or could I process it at any of them? Since I live in FL it's kind of hard to just run over to the park just because.

We would just do single day tickets, but even with 3 days at CP and 2 at KI it's a no brainer to get the Platinum and have those benefits...hell the parking would be $100 by itself otherwise.

I had a Platinum Pass in 2008, but was only able to use it at Carowinds on 3 separate occasions/trips due to unforeseen circumstances (torn MCL). I had planned on using it at KD at least that year, but it didn't work out.

I think this may have been covered at some point, but didn't see it.
Of course I know I can always contact the park if necessary. Labor Day usually the best chance to get a better offer than what is available now? I was going to wait until then to purchase.

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