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By WindSeeker84
Hey everyone its me, so I have a question I want to ask. I want to know is it possible to experience both Carowinds and Carolina Harbor in a single day? I understand that two of Carolina Harbor's water slides (Blackbeard's Revenge and Dorsal Fin Drop) are on the Fast Lane and Fast Lane Plus system, with that said does Carolina Harbor get really busy on weekdays during the summer? Answers would help thanks.
I think you can easily do pretty much everything at Carolina harbor and Carowinds in one day. Weekdays in the summer are almost always dead. I went on Wednesday and every ride including the water slides were walk ons. Honestly you probably won't need a fast lane pass if you go on a weekday. I hope this answers your question!:)
I visited on Tuesday and it was fairly mild. I would assume Tuesday-Wednesday would be good day to visit but you're still looking at 15-20 minute waits minimum for the slides.

Also, don't miss Surfer's Swell! Worth going into the water park alone for. :thumbup:
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By TheBoss01
Dorsal Fin Drop/Surfer's Swell are the only two rides that get crowded in the waterpark the most. Typically the lines in the waterpark are short until about 2 or 3ish, but the regular park has little to no wait lines.

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