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By Justin
I'm the kind of guy that goes to Carowinds at least 3 times a week (during daily ops) after work and use my food pass and drink pass to have dinner at the park and then hang out and walk around and ride stuff. (It doesn't help that my house is right down the street.) Anyway, I see the same people each day who basically do the same thing I do. You cant really approach these people and be like "do you want to hang out," because its 2017 and that's considered creepy. :P

Are any of those who are 'frequent flyers' or general pass users interested in meeting up to hang at the park and make friends? It's kind of silly for me to be hanging around by myself and for others to do the same and walk past each other. Like wth?

P.S.: I'm at $2.44 per meal right now with my food pass. What are y'all at? or are y'all keeping track?
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By Justin
It would be nice if this forum would allow images in this time era to be used as profile pictures. Its not 2002 anymore... 150x150 pixels, really? :P

I'm 28. I can't even remember how to make an image that small on the Android. I think I joined here when I was 15. I'm smart, I think I will figure something out.
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By Justin
coasterbruh wrote:It would help if people knew what you all looked like . . .

I think I figured this out...


This is a recent fun one of me. I have a selfie of me sticking my head through the track under the first drop on Fury, but I want to blur my company's name on my hard hat (I'm a civil engineer). There was a ASCE tour before media day and we got all up on the tracks. If I have time, I'll make an album and share those ASCE tour pictures with y'all for Fury. I got some wicked angles.
It doesn't always have to be a profile picture. It can be in trip reports, anything. And I was able to get a modern picture of myself in my profile picture.

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