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Thank You Jonathan. Somebody understands where we are coming from. Carowinds is just dark at night. Outside of them turning on those God awful flood lights on top of the sky tower and the LED flood lights going up everywhere when something such as a fight has happened and they leave them on. Ugh just reminds me of a ghetto fair lol.
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By arby
I agree. Lights, when done well, greatly enhance the park environment. Carowinds has been lacking in that area but is making great improvements.

I hope the Carousel is very well lit.
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By pproteinc
Question? After looking good and long at the overall revamp of the Snoopy area. I noticed that Red Baron is near the lake/waterfall. Are they really going to take the time to move the ride over a few ft. next to the water or are they going to just rip up the pavers and lay sod down with some new or transplanted trees?

BS1983CLT wrote:So any ideas as to where exactly the Woodstock Gliders will be placed? I thought I heard in the New County Fair area?

Maybe across from Wings By WWF old entrance?
Behind the ladder game where Minature golf once was. I'm just assuming. That's plenty of space over there.
If Woodstock Gliders gets moved to WWF old entrance area, I would love that!

Please add a second ride attendant and get rid of the stupid seat belts that can't be unlocked without the operator.

Good move Carowinds!
Bathrooms and gliders are gone.
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